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10 of the Highest Paying Finance Jobs

Finance jobs are quite lucrative for those with high analytical and mathematical skills. The financial industry is quite broad and consists of various fields: from banking and investments to financial technology (the most common name is Fintech). If you have been thinking about starting a career in finance but don’t know where to start, you should read the material below in detail. In this article, we have put special emphasis on the top 10 highest-paying finance jobs.

Jobs in finance: what jobs are available

The financial industry offers many professional development opportunities for people who want to work in this field. This sphere of employment implies six different directions:

  • Corporate sphere. This career involves employment as a manager, and other vacancies incorporate companies and large corporations. This refers to private companies and public companies. A corporate job consists of an employee sitting in an office for traditional work hours.
  • Consulting. These professionals are engaged in directing clients to products: investments, insurance, banking, and more. Employees take a commission from the transaction or receive certain bonuses for consulting services provided, so this job is quite lucrative. Advisors must have sufficient experience in financial transactions and insight into current market trends.
  • Financial Technology. This field is the basis for the work of financial programmers. It also applies to some financial directors. Modern corporate business is set up so that finance departments are responsible for supporting the technology infrastructure. Therefore, financial technology overlaps with many other professions in finance.
  • Investments. Employees in the financial field who work in investments are responsible for their clients’ contributions to portfolios by which individual companies or individuals increase their capital through profitable investments. Specialists in this sphere should have an excellent understanding of the modern market and predict the success of startups.
  • Accounting. Chief accountants and other specialists in accounting provide a full range of services. They are helping private entrepreneurs or large companies to keep financial records, work by all government regulations, pay taxes, prepare for inspections of government agencies, and competently manage profits and expenses.
  • Lending. Lending specialists deal with consulting clients and other operations to help people or companies get credit.

Everyone has the right to choose an appropriate direction for himself, depending on personal preferences and available professional skills.

Top 10 best high-paying jobs in finance

We suggest examining the list of the most money-making professions in finance:

Investment banker

Primary duties: An investment banker is in the business of managing the portfolio of a private company or government entity that wants to invest its money in other areas. The main duties of these bankers include helping their clients attract and profitably invest money to accelerate the financial growth of the business.
Average annual salary: $61,929

Information technology auditor

Primary duties: An IT auditor may work for a government agency or a private company. Their primary responsibilities include making sure the technology infrastructure is up to date and meets the company’s needs. Often, IT auditors must be certified.
Average annual salary: $63,412

Financial advisor

Primary duties: A financial advisor’s main professional responsibilities include helping to outline long-term and short-term financial goals for their clients. He also identifies appropriate products that can benefit the future. These professionals must understand insurance. They work with underwriters and potential risk analysts. The financial advisor is the trusted and primary point of contact for clients who want to get their finances in order.
Average annual salary:$66,931

Insurance advisor

Primary duties: The duties of an insurance advisor include helping clients find the best insurance product to meet their short- and long-term insurance needs. Counselors help make the right decision about insurance for home, car, human life, investments, and more.
Average annual salary: $67,263

Financial analyst

Primary duties: The main job duties of a financial analyst include analyzing financial information, which helps interested business people make the right decisions about finances. Financial analysts can work for various institutions: a bank, a fund, an insurance firm, and other places. These professionals can get a job in almost any state.
Average annual salary: $69,419

Senior accountant

Primary duties: The chief accountant is the highest position in the accounting hierarchy. They are the ones who are responsible for all things accounting. Major tasks include budgeting, bookkeeping, and controlling corporate expenses.
Average annual salary: $72,639

Hedge fund manager

Primary duties: The principal duties of a hedge fund manager include the fact that he performs identical responsibilities as an investment banker. But the difference is that the former interacts with portfolios of higher risk and returns for investors who pool their capital and investments into one hedge fund. It is also the manager’s job to monitor the market to protect their clients. You should be prepared to work hard: coming in early in the morning and going home often past midnight. Investment in a hedge fund – a career with an irregular schedule.
Average annual salary: $98,256

Private equity associate

Primary duties: A private equity associate works by interacting with investors to obtain private capital for future business investments that can diversify (putting investors’ money into different projects to maximize returns) clients’ investment portfolios.
Average annual salary: $108,152

Chief financial officer

Primary duties: The chief financial officer oversees the work of analysts and budgeting. He is responsible for making crucial decisions in the company’s life, such as cost allocation, managing the financing groups, and technology infrastructure.
Average annual salary: $127,729

Chief compliance officer

Primary duties: The primary responsibilities of this director include overseeing all duties and departments that involve compliance. Represented professionals manage processes and supervise that all requirements are met. As a result, companies can operate as efficiently as possible without being penalized by regulatory agencies for non-compliance with all regulations.
Average annual salary: $128,380

Date: 12 May 2022
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