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15 Well-Paid Odd Jobs

Luckily, more and more people are getting aware of the opportunity to turn their jobs into a non-trivial pastime that brings decent money. The myth that only managerial occupations provide high income is going into oblivion, and unusual jobs are appearing on the scene. Jooble editorial board members gathered and listed 15 well-paid odd jobs in this article. Grab a glass of something and let’s kick it off!

Art therapist

Average salary: about $58k/year
Core responsibilities: A magical combination of art and therapy is able to make wonders for those who are going through some mental or emotional hurdles. Art therapists are the guides who lead their patients through the creative process of expressing their feelings, thoughts, and fears to reach healing. To become an art therapist, one should obtain advanced psychology knowledge and also develop some skills in art.

Bereavement coordinator

Average salary: about $48k/year (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Core responsibilities: This job is really energy-consuming, as it requires dealing with psychologically non-standard situations on a regular basis. A bereavement coordinator helps clients with incurable beloved ones or those who recently passed away. It includes handling all the paperwork, arranging the funeral service, and monitoring the ceremony. One more odd job responsibility is arranging to counsel for the grieving family members. Usually, this position is required in hospitals, nursing homes, or hospices.

Bingo manager

Average salary: about $49k/year
Core responsibilities: If you feel like working in the environment of never-ending fun and excitement, check a bingo manager. Basically, this job implies managing all the processes in a casino. Those include providing compliance with state gaming regulations, dealing with customer complaints, and approving jackpots. Moreover, the bingo manager is responsible for managing the staff and casino area according to the standards. Several years of managerial experience are a must for this position.

Clinical ethicist

Average salary: about $113k/year (according to BLS)
Core responsibilities: Even though medicine is designed to simplify solving problems, controversial ethical issues occur from time to time. Patients, their families, and doctors might have different opinions on euthanasia, cloning, or stem cell research. Therefore, if you have a master’s degree or a doctorate in clinical ethics or a related discipline this job may be a good match.

Color expert

Average salary: about $62k/year
Core responsibilities: Everybody knows that colors have a particular effect on us. Some people may be rather skeptical regarding this knowledge, however, others have turned it into a source of income. The science of colors is widely used in counseling, interior or exterior design, fashion, marketing, and many more. Actually, this job doesn’t require a degree, however, it does require a lot of training, practice, and self-development including such skills as creativity and a sense of innovation.

Computer hacker

Average salary: about $94k/year
Core responsibilities: Computer hackers tend to be notorious for committing various digital crimes. Initially, hackers were designed for good purposes, namely testing software to check how safe it is to use. Hackers do have to try to break into networks, but it is to prevent real attacks that pose a danger to businesses. Now, as the Internet is taking up almost all the spheres of our life, people store tons of information online. One can carry out a really significant mission on providing safety online on different levels. A college degree is essential.


Average salary: about $61k/year
Core responsibilities: People who have a doctorate in chemistry or biochemistry and are eager to influence people’s lives may well consider being a flavorist. Flavors can be a super effective tool to impact people’s behavior. So flavorists work on creating specific smells, those which already exist, or even brand new ones. For this job, one needs to have advanced knowledge of oils, extracts, essences, and aromas to be able to create perfect flavor combinations.


Average salary: about $74k/year
Core responsibilities: Some animals influence our mental and physical health really favorably. Horses are among those. Hippotherapists help people of different ages solve mental issues or disorders by combining therapy and horse riding. Moreover, it provides a positive effect on socialization and interaction skills, as with people, so with animals. To become a hippotherapist, one should obtain a therapist certification and have expertise in working with horses.

Master marijuana extractor

Average salary: about $49k/year
Core responsibilities: It’s not what it could seem to be at first sight. No illegal activities, just working with this plant to produce marijuana products, such as foodstuff, oil, concentrates, beauty products, or healthcare products. This job is tightly connected with scientific activity, so a degree is obligatory.

Online dating ghostwriter

Average salary: about $54k/year
Core responsibilities: A person who creates effective profiles for people who seek their happiness online. There are some secrets a dating website user has to know to boost their chances in attracting the right person. Many don’t know about them or just don’t want to bother and prefer hiring a professional. The biggest advantage of this job is that it doesn’t take a lot of time to improve some writing skills, and also that one can work as a freelancer.


Average salary: about $229k/year
Core responsibilities: A periodontist is a dentist who is major in treating gum diseases and other ailments connected with the soft tissues of our mouth. Besides consultation services and treatment plans, periodontists usually provide surgeries, dental implants, or tooth extractions. Such a serious profession require deep and advanced knowledge of dentistry as well as three years of a specialized course.


Average salary: about $91k/year
Core responsibilities: Feet are one of the most important body parts, and we can hardly lead a full life without them being healthy and strong. That’s why podiatrists are of such a high value, even though most people are not even aware of their existence. Podiatrists deal with foot anomalies or deformities and help to prevent various foot infections. A medical college degree with a specialization in podiatry is essential.

Toy maker

Average salary: about $79k/year
Core responsibilities: The name of this occupation speaks for itself – a toymaker designs toys. It isn’t as easy as it may seem, because toy makers not only use their creativity while coming up with new designs. They also need to consider safety issues, be good at different materials and know how they could be used in the most effective way. If you are interested in you should have engineering skills, and of course, be proficient in CAD.

Veterinary acupuncturist

Average salary: about $69k/year
Core responsibilities: It’s not only humans who can get acupuncture treatment, but animals as well! Some pet owners prefer alternative medicine to surgery or pharmacological therapy. Therefore, veterinary acupuncturists are in demand. They work with needles, cups, nutritional supplements, therapeutic massages, blood flow approaches, and other alternative therapies. To become a veterinary acupuncturist, you do have to get certified in acupuncture.

Voice-over artist

Average salary: about $67k/year
Core responsibilities: If you are a lucky owner of a distinctive voice, why not try working as a voice-over artist? They will normally work in a studio reading scripts for radio or television programs, movies, cartoons, and other media products. However, it’s reckless to think that this job requires a nice voice and minimal effort. Firstly, your voice should be trained regularly by doing special vocal exercises. Secondly, taking acting classes won’t be superfluous, as voice-over art is still a part of a performance where being artistic is vital.

Date: 29 April 2022
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