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25 Dream Jobs In Various Areas

If “oh, no” is the only thought that pops up in your mind at the view of your job, it’s high time to change your life. Luckily, the labor market worldwide has changed dramatically. These days, the range of professions goes far beyond engineers, managers and accountants. The chances of finding your dream job personally are higher than ever before. Therefore we decided to list 25 dream jobs to demonstrate that you can monetize any skills.

What exactly a dream job means

The meaning of a dream job may differ from person to person. From the general perspective, it’s an opportunity to make money doing something close to your soul. It might be artsy, like drawing or designing, influential like a lawyer or a park ranger, or beauty-related like modeling or styling. Despite such a wide range of varieties, there are some common features that all the dream jobs comprise:

  • Engagement: You feel inspired and motivated to do your job.
  • Being rewarding: Your job is valuable, and you can feel it.
  • Requires your talent: You can reveal yourself.
  • No competitive environment: You are the only person you have to compete with, not your colleagues.
  • A peaceful atmosphere: You feel safe as a part of your team or company.
  • Work-life balance isn’t an issue: Your well-being and wellness are the top priority.

So here are 25 dream jobs that might catch your attention and make you reconsider your attitude toward making money.


Average salary: about $22k/year
Core responsibilities: A great way to let your expressiveness out and give your voice and acting skills to a certain character. Depending on what you are seeking, you can perform on the stage or try a movie audition or a TV show. If you don’t feel like showing up yourself, check voice-over opportunities.


Average salary: about $36k/year
Core responsibilities: If you used to enjoy your handcrafts classes at school, you could easily continue doing it as an adult. Whether it is paint, clay, yarn, or any other material, don’t hold off the flow of creativity – let the world see your talent. Of course, you may work for a company and get a stable income. However, the big dream for many is to try themselves as creators and develop their personal brands.


Average salary: about $29k/year
Core responsibilities: This one is for individuals who want to turn their physical power into money. The list of duties includes intensive training regularly, attending press events, giving interviews, and participating in professional sports competitions.


Average salary: about $36k/year
Core responsibilities: An author can reveal their writing potential in different products, starting from books, poems, and short stories for kids, even up to screenplays, movie scripts, or scripts for TV shows and various events.


Average salary: about $26k/year
Core responsibilities: Initially, bakers manage the whole process of making different baked products and pastries. It includes preparing all the ingredients, maintaining the equipment, and cleaning it. In small stores, bakers can also perform customer service tasks and operate cash registers.


Average salary: about $31k/year
Core responsibilities: One might say it is a more advanced version of a baker. A chef is not only responsible for cooking but has some managerial duties, such as overseeing the kitchen staff, monitoring if the dishes meet the quality standards, and keeping the workspace clean and neat.

Dog walker

Average salary: about $33k/year
Core responsibilities: Would you like to turn your job into pure fun? A dog walker is the best option for people who adore communicating with these pets and spending lots of time outside. They will also watch and keep their wards safe, clean up after them, and report if there is something weird or unusual in their behavior.


Average salary: about $75k/year
Core responsibilities: It’s not only about regular engineering. How about aircraft engineering, AI engineering as well as robot designing? And don’t forget about food, roller coaster or smart cities engineering? It could sound too futuristic a couple of years ago, but now it’s reality.


Average salary: about $67k/year
Core responsibilities: If you are a keen manager but have no desire to climb a career ladder, this is your chance. Entrepreneurs start their businesses, deal with all the managerial duties, accounting, attracting investments, monitoring staff, and setting goals for further development.

Event planner

Average salary: about $36k/year
Core responsibilities: Organizing special events is always fun! Event planners consider all the clients’ preferences and wishes regarding the organization and provide the best possible options. They usually deal with catering issues, decorations, seating, and entertainment.

Fashion designer

Average salary: about $37k/year
Core responsibilities: A fashion designer is one who always has to be aware of the latest trends so that their clients don’t miss an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. They should have a deep knowledge of color, fabrics, and print nuances to combine them and create perfect looks. Some designers deal with high-end fashion, while others prefer more practical lines.

Food technologist

Average salary: about $71k/year
Core responsibilities: Food technologies are in charge of providing high-quality packaging, transportation, and preservation processes of different foods. Some food technologies will also improve the flavor and texture of products so that consumers can have the best experiences while eating and after it.


Average salary: about $28k/year
Core responsibilities: A trendy position for creative people nowadays, as it allows doing what you love from any point in the world. Illustrators often help businesses create unique brand logos or brand designs in general. One should master special computer software for professionals in this field. However, some illustrators prefer the traditional approach and draw with watercolors, oil paint, or pencils.

Interior designer

Average salary: about $62k/year
Core responsibilities: Interior designers usually handle an entire cycle of creating, executing, and delivering the project to clients. The length of engagement can also vary: it may be either a small studio or a huge cottage house with dozens of rooms. It’s also a bit more than just creative work, as one should also be able to negotiate with different contractors and pursue high-quality results from them.


Average salary: about $77k/year
Core responsibilities: It may seem so far from “fun” at first sight. However, dealing with exceptional cases and looking for loopholes in laws to save a client during the trial. Lawyers do have to do a lot of paperwork and research, but it’s worth the feeling you get after the court victory.

Marine biologist

Average salary: about $63k/year
Core responsibilities: It’s well-known that humans have explored only 5 percent of the world ocean! You can become one of those who make history. Marine biologists work either in a lab or at a specific location. They then share their research results to enrich our knowledge base and develop new conservancy approaches.


Average salary: about $50k/year
Core responsibilities: Some people might consider modeling easy-breezy, but do they know about keeping fit, regular training sessions, long hours of standing, walking, or photo shooting? By no means should this job be underestimated. However, on the flip side, models travel a lot, meet creative people, visit exclusive events, access the latest fashion lines, and many more. Sounds like fun, yeah?


Average salary: about $23k/year
Core responsibilities: What is our world without music? Literally, any occasion is accompanied by it. Musicians have an extensive range of opportunities, starting from performing their own or famous works solo to being a part of an orchestra or even composing pieces for movies.

Park ranger

Average salary: about $37k/year
Core responsibilities: It is a beautiful choice for nature-lovers, as park rangers spend a lot of time outside, monitoring and protecting different park areas. Those can be of local, state, and national scales. Park rangers often conduct excursions and tours for their park guests and share fascinating and educational facts to boost people’s awareness of the issue.

Personal shopper

Average salary: about $49k/year
Core responsibilities: If you are a keen shopper and want to make money by doing what you enjoy – apply for a personal shopper. Many people don’t have time to spend on shopping routines, so they require an assistant who will handle all the processes. They will also deliver goods to a client and, if necessary, deal with exchanges or returns.

Personal trainer

Average salary: about $45k/year
Core responsibilities: What can be better than helping people become better versions of themselves? A personal trainer creates individual training plans and monitors correct performance when using sports equipment. It is not about sport or fitness only. Trainers can also motivate people when they tend to lose faith in themselves. They may work for famous gyms, as freelancers, or open their studios.


Average salary: about $84k/year
Core responsibilities: It is a highly responsible job but incredibly exciting! Pilots are in charge of flying different aircraft and ensuring passengers’ complete safety and aircrew when transporting them to their destination by air.

Video game designer

Average salary: about $22k/year
Core responsibilities: An excellent option for gaming fans to dive into the world of computer graphics and make your contribution to the industry. Video game designers, besides creating characters, also work on some coding aspects and can write scenarios or rules of the game.

Wardrobe stylist

Average salary: about $32k/year
Core responsibilities: A super creative opportunity for those who are into making up new or unusual looks and outfits for movie characters, performances, music videos, and other special occasions with the participation of celebrities or public figures. Sometimes wardrobe stylists also offer the services of a personal stylist who reorganizes a client’s closet.


Average salary: about $29k/year
Core responsibilities: If you don’t feel like communicating with humans a lot, do it with animals! The primary duty will be monitoring animals’ health and wellness, including giving food, bathing procedures, and providing treatment if necessary. However, there is always time for fun and games in between!

Date: 6 May 2022
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