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How to Write A Perfect Letter of Intent for a Job in 2023 (With Examples)

A letter of intent or interest letter is an introduction to a particular company you are interested in working for. It can be written without any jobs posted just to signify your intent and present your skills and qualifications. In this guide, you’ll learn all about intent letters, their importance in 2023, and how to craft a winning letter of intent.

Overview of a Letter of Intent (LOI)

Often a letter of intent may be confused with a cover letter. Although both documents have a lot in common, the main difference is in the context. A cover letter is a part of the job application process in response to current job openings in a company. It is supplemental to the resume and written in correspondence to the job description. For instance, you can showcase your skills that are relevant to a specific job in your cover letter.

An intent letter is most commonly written to a company that has not posted any specific job offer. You can also send it when you’ve heard that the company might be hiring but they haven’t posted openings yet. Also, if you go to a job fair, it is a great practice to bring a letter of intent. This means that it differs from a cover letter in terms of the situation you might is it in.

When You Need to Write a Letter of Intent

Here are the most common situations when a job seeker will need an intent letter:

  • You are writing to a particular company you want to work for without any job posting. In such a case, you show your interest without referring to a specific job;
  • You are a recent college graduate looking for opportunities at a job fair;
  • You have information that a company might be hiring and you want to make a job inquiry;
  • The employer has requested an intent letter directly;
  • You apply to an academic institution for a specific job;
  • You are writing to a potential business partner or investor.

Compared to a cover letter, a letter of intent will not be referring to a skill set specific to a particular position. It is broader in this part. But it should express interest in the company and showcase the value you can bring to the team.

Importance of an LOI for a Job in 2023

Why a letter of intent is important in 2023? The main reason is that the global job market is in a complicated state right now and professionals need to utilize all available resources to find the best opportunities.

It is no longer enough to just have a specific skill set to get the job of your dream or to work for an industry leader. Also, a huge number of positions are filled without jobs posted publicly. Some estimate this number to go up to 70%, which is a lot.

A company might fill a position through internal promotions or recommendations. So if you do not know about the fact that the company is looking for a professional, you are missing a lot of opportunities.

Letter of Intent Advantages

A letter of intent might feel like a cold calling sometimes. But there is nothing wrong with expressing interest in working for a specific company. And if you grab the attention of the hiring manager, you might land a job of your desires.

  • A letter of intent offers several important benefits for job seekers, namely:
  • It provides you with an opportunity to reach out to a company you are interested in;
  • It allows for making connections and potential leads;
  • It showcases your skills and qualifications in the best light;
  • It sets you beyond the competition in terms of proactiveness and leadership;
  • It uncovers opportunities that might be hidden otherwise.

Even if you do not get the job after your letter of intent, a hiring manager can add you to the database of talent they go over when looking for a specific specialist.

Letter of Intent Structure

In terms of the common parts, it is pretty similar to a cover letter. But the difference is in style and focus on your writing. It is important to start with a business letter format, professional language, and a clear subject line.

Do not mention a job title you’d like to work as. The company hasn’t made a public job inquiry, so it might look in bad taste. Instead, you can name your current or last job title and the department you are interested in – sales management, SMM, development team, etc. If it is your first time writing a letter of intent, it is better to read specific examples to understand the best practices. You`ll find three sample letters at the end of this guide.

Commonly, a letter of intent consists of such blocks:

  • Formal greeting or salutation (the best idea is to address a hiring manager or other responsible representative of the company directly – Dear Mr/Mrs);
  • Introduction (you need to establish who you are and why you are interested in the first paragraph of the letter of intent);
  • Your skills and accomplishments (share expertise like exemplary customer service, provide an example for each skill, and be precise with your intent);
  • Call to action and contact details so that a hiring manager can reach out if the company is interested;
  • A professional closing.

You can also submit a resume with it as a supplement. If you have a professional website or portfolio, you can submit a link to it as well. It is essential to use the appropriate format, language, and contact details.

Tips on Writing a Perfect LOI for a Job in 2023

As you do not know the job requirements and the hiring manager’s expectations, writing a letter of intent might feel overwhelming. However, with specific points in mind and an example right in front of you, you can write a winning document.

Start With a Proper Greeting

Start with a general greeting and use the name of the hiring manager or sales management team leader. It is important to use formal business English – Dear Mr. X. To find out to who you can address your letter of intent, look through the company website. Pay attention to “About Us” and “Contact information”. Also, you can check the LinkedIn profile of the company or call them and ask who you can send a letter of intent. In case, all of those steps do not work, you can use “Dear Recruitment Manager” or “Dear Human Resouce Department”.

Try to avoid an old form of “To Whom It May Concern” because it is considered outdated.

Introduce Yourself in the Letter

After the greeting, introduce yourself to grab the reader’s attention right away. State your name, current or last position, and address the reasons why you are writing the letter of intent. This means what made you interested in the company. Stick to the positives instead of saying sometimes negative about your former or current employer. You do not need a career coach to understand why saying something bad about the employer you work for is a poor look at your professionalism.

The reasons for writing a letter of intent can be different. You may have heard about the latest projects of the company or you have sales knowledge that you believe would be valuable for the sales team.

Outline the Qualifications, Skills, and Experiences that Make You Stand Out

Similar to cover letters, the letter of intent has to be a strong representation of your skills, qualifications, and achievements. It is better to avoid using bullet points in the letter. Try to make it flow logically. And for each skill or qualification make an example from your experience.

What skills to include in the letter? Basically, anything that you deem relevant. It can even be a hobby as long as it showcases your skill set. You can mention your education, work history, and key accomplishments in previous places of work. Volunteer work, technical skills, and certifications are also welcome.

Avoid vague language, and back up each claim with an example. For instance, if you are writing about your communication skills in the letter of intent, you can give an example of working in customer service or at the front desk. If you were a sales team representative, you can illustrate your expertise with metrics, closed deals, and client satisfaction rates.

Personalize Your Letter to the Job and Company

This is one of the crucial parts of a letter of intent. You need to show interest in this business and explain why you are passionate about it. This means you need to know about the company’s values, activities, and vision.

Before you start on the letter, look through the company’s website and socials for clues. Formulate a key takeaway for yourself and keep it in mind when you write. Consider the business’s commercial goals, mission statement, expertise, innovations, and culture. You can also write about the latest events you’ve visited or read about regarding the employer. For instance, you’ve participated in the conference held by the company and got excited about the new project. Or maybe you’ve read a blog post about its new knowledge-sharing initiative and it aligns with your skills and qualifications.

Learning more about the business helps to link your strong points to its interests and values. Also, it illustrates your interest and clear passion for the field you are working in. This also makes the letter stand out and impress a recruiter.

Keep It Concise, Clear, and Ethical

This is rather a precaution, yet important to mention. Keep your letter clear, comprehensive, and ethical. Stick to positives and state your genuine interest. Make sure your letter is readable, formal, and formatted correctly. Always proofread before you submit it because there might be small errors or mistakes.

Make Sure You Address All Requirements in the Advertised Position

If you are writing this letter because the employer asked for it as a part of the job application process, make sure you address all the job requirements. In this situation, it will be pretty similar to a cover letter. But the addition is that it presents your motivation to work with this team.

Do not copy the point from your resume but build on them. The letter is a perfect opportunity to go deeper into the most essential achievements and areas of your experience relevant to the position.

How to write letter of intent in 2023 – Examples

Read through these samples prepared by a career coach to enhance your letter and make sure you use the best practices from a sample letter.

Intent sample letter 1

Meghan Quinn
Recruitment Manager
Name of the Business
[Business address]

Dear Mrs. Quinn:

My name is Emily Brown, and I am writing to inquire about the possibility of vacancies in the Business design team. I am in my senior year at X college and I’m majoring in Graphic Design.

I learned about the Company in the course of my studies. Some of your projects were used as case study examples in my syllabus, which has given me more insights into graphic design in game development. It also inspired me to look into gaming and character development from the designer’s perspective.

I am passionate about storytelling and the creation of unique and exciting characters. This transpired in my work on a college project gaming app that has been named one of the best in the course.

I am also a part of our college Animation club, where we collaborate on various projects, including digital art for blogs, animated films, and mobile games.

I have been doing graphic design freelance for 2 years and worked on compelling stories. I’ve attached my resume and link to my portfolio where you can view the best of my work.

If you would like to discuss my credentials and qualifications further, please contact me by “phone number” or “email address”.

Yours sincerely,

Emily Brown

Intent example letter 2

Adam Mayers
Recruitment Manager
Name of the Business
[Business address]

Dear Mr. Mayers:

My name is Jason Wong. I’ve been working in sales management for over a decade and have always been impressed by Business’ sales team, its results, and its innovative approach to customer service. Your team’s track record is incredible and I believe that my qualifications and experience will make me a valuable addition to the team.

In the last year of my employment at X, I’ve built a sales team from scratch and managed 15 professionals. We’ve achieved a 20% increase in sales during this period. As a leader of the team, I’ve managed day-to-day activities, set specific goals, and established new objectives. I also provided training and coaching for new employees as well as participated in a knowledge-sharing program.

I believe that I can be a great addition to the Business because I’m passionate about excellent customer service and data-driven. I’m focused on productive collaboration and teamwork to achieve new heights and business goals.

I’ve attached my resume to this letter for you to review. Thank you for your consideration. I’m excited to hear from you and learn more about opportunities in the Business.

Yours sincerely,

Jason Wong

Email address

Phone number

Intent example letter 3

David McCassey
Recruitment Manager
Name of the Business
[Business address]

Dear Mr. McCassey:

My name is Brittany Lewis. I am writing to you to express my interest in working in the Business Engineering Department. I’m a recent graduate of X college in Mechanical Engineering and I have a passion for innovation. For years I’ve been a loyal customer of the Business and I deeply appreciate the effort and creativity that goes into your products.

This passion led me to acquire an education in Mechanical Engineering in the first place. Now as I’m knowledgeable in the field, I’m interested in entry-level positions in your Engineering Department. I believe that I will be a great addition to the team as I have experience with many of your products and have insights from the customer’s perspective. I also have practical experience acquired during internships in Y and Z during my college years.

As a part of the College robotics team and a passionate engineer, I’m excited to join such a talented and skilled team of professionals.

I’ve attached my resume to this letter for you to review. Thank you for taking the time to consider my candidature and I’m looking forward to discussing my qualifications further with you.

Yours sincerely,

Brittany Lewis

Email address

Phone number


Such a letter provides more opportunities to professionals looking for a new job or wishing to work for a particular business. Based on the examples given, you can craft a winning letter that will make a good lasting impression on the business.

Make sure your letter is formal, clear, and concise. Stick to the one-page size of the letter and present your accomplishments and skills in the best light.

Date: 12 May 2023
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Useful materials about job search in your mail
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