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Automation Engineer (Remote)
Location: Buffalo, NY

11 most profitable jobs in finance available today

11 most profitable jobs in finance available today

It is no longer a secret for everybody that jobs in the finance industry can be very lucrative. Are you sick and tired of being paid peanuts? You might consider changing your life for the better and start your career all over again in the finance sector. Not only will the salary dazzle you, but also the prestige and respectability that go with it. However, there can be no gain without pain. Besides being gainful, finance jobs require specific knowledge and expertise. In particular analytical know-how, computer literacy, and problem-solving skills. Are you a lucky holder of those? Excellent, this article is exactly what you need because we have picked 11 of the highest-paying finance jobs in 2022 that are worth your attention! Whether you are a social butterfly or prefer working in splendid isolation, some options will appeal personally to you. The main point is endless love for figures and money! Let us not waste your precious time and get finally started!

Chief compliance officer

On the one hand, not exactly a finance job because the main responsibility of the CCO is to maintain, track, and implement all the corporate policies related to compliance with internal and external regulatory and legal requirements. On the other hand, compliance officers are often in charge of leading intrinsic audits, dealing with business risks, and mitigating financial crimes, therefore helping to avoid fines and financial loss.

Chief financial officer

This position speaks for itself because a CFO is a key figure in managing all the financial operations in a firm. Those comprise monitoring cash flow, conducting financial planning, assessing financial strengths and weaknesses, and digging up remedial measures. No need to say that this position belongs to top-level executives, but to be more precise, it is often the third-highest role in a company. Not bad, huh?

Financial software developer

Are you into programming but want to deal with the finance field? We hear you very well – this option is two in one! You are welcome to continue your software developing activity but with a deep focus on financial programs and apps. The workflow is approximately the following: gathering requirements for financial software, designing algorithms, testing, troubleshooting bugs, and analyzing feedback.

Hedge fund manager

This one is wild, especially for risk addicts. First of all, it is about huge money. Second of all, it is about aggressive investment strategies. Are you still reading? Great, so if you seek something dedicated to investment analysis, constant stock market research, and taking responsibility for somebody’s fortune, go ahead! However, do not forget to stock up on courage, patience, anti-anxiety meds, and an escape plan in case of a crash.

Senior accountant

This position would work well for an expert in analytics, financial forecasting, and reporting. If you take to tax returns, general ledgers, and account discrepancies like a duck to water, do not waste this chance! Besides, it might be an option for those who are eager to have a managerial role as well since interacting and collaborating with a team of accountants is also included.

Financial analyst

This job tends to be among the most prestigious in the financial services sector. The key responsibilities cover gathering and processing data, creating novel businesses opportunities, and sizing up the outcomes. Along with those, making investment recommendations and financial modeling are also on the list. A cherry on the top is that financial analysts have further career opportunities, often on senior management teams.

Insurance advisor

An insurance advisor or insurance consultant is a person who specializes in guiding clients through the maze of insurance schemes and nuances. There are several kinds of those, for example, retirement planning, investing, tax issues, or financial risks protection. So if you are willing to contribute to improving people’s financial literacy and teaching them to deal with monetary assets and liabilities, this is what you need.

Financial advisor

Although this position is of particular importance for the clients, it may well play to your advantage. We all know this hackneyed all work no play concept. However, who said money requires working hard? Money expects you to work smart. That is why, besides being helpful for others, you might seize an opportunity to learn how to make your money work for you, not vice versa. Being a financial advisor also requires such knowledge as managing personal finances, investing, tax issues, savings, or insurance.

Compliance analyst

Should you be a detail maniac and find pure satisfaction in meeting strict deadlines – here you go. Your main responsibility would be to track and analyze the updates regarding governmental laws, rules, and regulations. Then, they should be applied to your company’s operations to meet all the compliance standards. And do not forget about reporting. And reporting. And one more time… reporting.

Information technology auditor

This role is a gold mine for IT majors! The primary duty is to ensure that a company’s technology system works properly. To be more specific, an IT auditor monitors the controls and risks regarding the technologies used in an organization, detects all possible weaknesses or imperfections, and provides an appropriate course of action aimed to eliminate those and therefore contribute to achieving the company’s business goals.

Investment banker

Are you a number-cruncher? Are you also a workaholic who has no idea what work-life balance is? Can you brag about your strong skills in the art of persuasion? Have a look at this position. If you are a professional investment banker, people will queue and therefore stuff your pockets with money to get your precious advice on how to plan their business development, avoid financial risks, and raise their capital.

Date: 21 March 2022
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