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15 Must-Have Words to Include In Your Resume

15 Must-Have Words to Include In Your Resume

The resume is the first opportunity to present yourself as a professional and make a favorable impression on a potential employer. It’s worth noting that you don’t have much time for this task. Researchers have found that today’s hiring managers spend less than 20 seconds deciding on a candidate based on their resume. Potential employers need to quickly surf through your resume and find the required information. Then they can review the following application.
The point of this statement for you is that every word on your resume should get attention and work for you.

Top 15 phrases that should be on your resume

We did our research, collecting 15 words, a must-have for a professional resume. You don’t have to include all of them at once, but you should make sure that at least five are.


Your resume should include action verbs. Potential employers are the first to know what you have to offer the company. Action verbs are a great way to show what you have accomplished. Accomplished is a great word to show that you excel at what you do. This makes the employer feel confident that you will achieve the same in their company.


Improved – this action verb benefits the job seeker. With the word presented, it is possible to demonstrate that you could achieve a positive result at your last place of employment. For example, state the following “Improved the efficiency of the administrative office by streamlining the interaction with digital and physical file systems.” This way, you can demonstrate your accomplishments and exactly what methods you used to do so.


With phrases such as “mentoring” and “training” on your resume, you can demonstrate your experience managing human resources. These phrases will be helpful for those who want a position involving training, supervision, management, and counseling. If possible, it doesn’t hurt to indicate how many people you have trained. For example, you can use “I have trained 15 waiters in proper customer service.” This shows that you can manage and train large groups of employees.


Like “training” or “mentoring,” the word “managed” describes the action and demonstrates that we can manage other employees. If you want a supervisory position, this word is worth including on your resume. In addition, be sure to include the number of people you had in your subordinate position, mainly if there were quite a lot of them.


Using this word allows you to show that you can do much more than blindly following instructions. You are, in fact, capable of creating something and making a major contribution to the company. Whether you created a new file system or developed a program, the word “created” is an excellent way to show your initiative, independence, and creativity.


Employers are seeking someone who can see a problem and can fix it. To show this, use this action verb if you want a management position or other job that requires supervising other employees. Use this word to demonstrate that you can find a problem and intervene in the business process to solve it.


Using this word shows that you are willing to help and improve the project to cope with the task, even if help is not asked. With this word, you can show your initiative and ability to work as an integral part of the team.


Employers want to hire someone who can inspire and motivate others to work for the organization. The word “influenced” can also show what you have accomplished and demonstrate leadership skills.


Employers give preference to those who can prove their value to the organization. The best way is to quantify your own successes. Add specific numbers to testify to how much you have helped save the company, how many donations you have raised, or other success you have achieved quantitatively. Use the words “increase” or “decrease” to reveal your accomplishments. For instance, write in your resume, “Developed a new financial strategy that reduced office costs by 15%”.


Most employers want to know that you are innovative and creative enough to generate new ideas. Add to the CV a few examples where you were involved in developing some ideas. It may be on your own or as part of a team. And describe how the decision benefited the company. If you are seeking a managerial position, add that you listened to the ideas of others and helped turn the ideas into something valuable and practical. You can also use this description to demonstrate to an employer that you have delegation skills.


Use this action verb to demonstrate that you can successfully bring a project to completion. It doesn’t matter if you’ve launched an app or website or an advertising campaign you’ve toiled on as part of a team. You can use the word “launch” to demonstrate that you can create something.


Remember that every potential employer will explore what value you represented to other companies where you worked before. The best way to demonstrate this is to state how you make money for the company.

Describe any examples where you have increased the company’s level of income. Stating specific numbers, the phrases “profit” and “income” will allow you to immediately demonstrate to the manager that you are contributing to financial success.

Under Budget

Many companies want to know how much money you will help to make and how much you will save. Recall and describe on your resume any time you helped the company cut costs. For example, state, “Organized an annual fundraising program and ended up with a $1,000 budget left.”


Exactly, like the word “accomplishments,” the action verb “won” can demonstrate your success in a past job to a potential employer. If your job earned you an award or recognition for your efforts, you should include this verb on your resume.


Properly crafting a resume is the foundation. It is the paper or virtual file that catches the eyes of a potential employer and forms a particular initial opinion of the job seeker. It would be best if you didn’t make any mistakes in your resume. With the help of our above tips, you can compose a powerful CV that will help you get the job you want.

Date: 6 June 2022
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