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Remote Licensed Talk Therapist
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Remote Licensed Psychiatrist
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Associate Actuary - REMOTE
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Head of IT (Remote)
Location: Washington DC

Care Manager RN (Remote) - Care Manager
Location: Remote

Case Manager RN (Remote) - Case Management
Location: Florida

Tax Accountant (REMOTE)
Location: Rockford, IL

Remote Sales Executive
Location: Auburn, NY

Remote Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Location: Little Rock, AR

Remote Licensed Professional Counselor
Location: Duluth, MN

Telemedicine Psychiatrist *REMOTE* (Michigan)
Location: Detroit, MI

Engineering Director, Travel (Remote)
Location: Miami, FL

Imaging Analyst II (REMOTE)
Location: Springfield, MA

Associate Designer (Not Remote)
Location: Birmingham, AL

Therapist - Remote
Location: Davie, FL

Remote Receptionist
Location: Chesapeake, VA

Foreclosure Paralegal - Remote
Location: Rochester, NY

Remote Vacation Planner
Location: San Angelo, TX

Remote Travel Agent
Location: San Diego, CA

Writer - Remote (Freelance)
Location: Jacksonville, FL

Investigative Assistant - Remote
Location: Washington DC

Retention Specialist - Remote Optional
Location: West Bend, WI

Remote Therapist
Location: California

Program Manager - Remote
Location: Washington DC

Psychotherapist - Remote
Location: Placentia, CA

Supporting Clinician (Remote)
Location: Oakton, VA

Remote Underwriter
Location: Jacksonville, FL

Remote Notary
Location: Minneapolis, MN

Clinician - Remote
Location: Fair Lawn, NJ

Remote Notary
Location: Seattle, WA

How to Make a Resume in 2023

How to Make a Resume in 2023

A new year frequently serves as a great occasion for people willing to change something in their life. These transformations usually refer to our primary areas: health, relationships, self-improvement, career, etc. Talking about the last one, not only does it require additional courage, but also special preparation beforehand.

While deciding to find a new job is the inception, the first step would be to check on your resume. CV requirements will not change often; still, you’d better track the latest tendencies and follow them when writing or transforming your resume.

Besides the obvious reasons for that, like your previous resume was created years ago and has been on the back burner ever since, there is another one. A professional and well-constructed resume will definitely help you stand out from the crowd of other candidates who might need to pay more attention to such details. So, how to make a resume in 2023 and keep it time-relevant? Please keep reading to be cognizant of the issue because, in our article, we have tried and tested tricks and recommendations to familiarize you with the latest resume-making trends in the 2023 year.

A Resume Statement Instead of An Objective

Creating the proper objective to not either seem too interested (say – desperate), not too generalized, or not too specific was once a real art. Fortunately, this trend remained in the past. What’s the alternative now? A resume statement. The main difference between them is that your objective highlights what you’d like to be in the future, while the resume statement provides a brief summary of what you’ve become. Therefore, the hiring manager can see and distinguish something about your background, achievements, and some of the best features upfront without diving deep into details in the Experience section.

Why have objectives lost their relevance? One of the explanations could be that it’s quite selfish to let the future employer know about your career ambitions straightaway. It’s great that you are so self-motivated and can see the picture of your bright future vividly; however, the employer is more interested in how you can benefit their company, but not if their company is a perfect match to help you achieve your goals.

Consider Artificial Intelligence

Advanced technologies haven’t bypassed employment approaches and processes. The intelligent program that has made the lives of thousands of hiring managers easier is ATS, or Applicant Tracking Software. According to Forbes, most businesses and companies have already switched to using this program in their working routine.

Here they are regarding the principles of its work and why you should keep it in mind when creating your resume. So, due to ATS, a special algorithm assesses applicants’ resumes even before reaching the human hiring manager. Therefore, you do have to stick to the optimization principles not to be eliminated by ATS:

  • The correct number of keywords on a page
  • No spelling and grammar mistakes
  • No custom graphics and fonts
  • The proper file format when submitting a CV.

If you’ve ever used an online resume creator, you might have noticed that most templates are created according to similar principles. This is to help candidates get around the filters and to make their resumes readable for the machine. Choosing between PDF and TXT formats is a part of optimization as well.

More About The Template Design

The simpler, the better. No doubt, all hiring managers concentrate on doing their job as efficiently as possible, and unusual designs don’t contribute to finding a fitting candidate for their opening faster. On the contrary, they might even affect the process, making it less readable or more complex for the machine to process. There are some tips to follow to avoid the issues mentioned above:

    • Only neutral colors
    • To make the text size 12
  • Going for easy-to-read fonts
  • Considering the white-space ratio when balancing the text
  • No more than 1-2 pages
  • Bullet-point lists instead of long paragraphs.

Most Up-To-Date Certifications Make a Difference

The urge for self-development is always held in high esteem among HR managers; however, your certificate from 2012 will only provide you with some advantages. Without further explanations, certificates must be as fresh and relevant as possible. Every sphere is evolving and inevitably requires people working to do the same. Not only will it help you find a better job, but it also will keep you competitive in the market in general. Put all your relevant certificates (yes, a cooking certificate will hardly be helpful when searching for a job in IT, for example) in the Education section and don’t forget to indicate the dates; therefore, a future-to-be employer will see your eagerness to meet all the job necessities at present. Of course, be prepared to provide the originals if asked – they may need proof.

Quantify in the First Place

A picture paints a million words. It sounds enormous if you have outstanding leadership skills, but how did you understand that? On the other hand, you have strong leadership skills, which can be proved by 10 successful projects completed by your team under your leadership. You may back your words with the reviews or feedback the clients have left (by the way, one more argument for getting feedback from the people you have ever worked with).

The measure of your achievements undoubtedly depends on the sphere you work in – the number of accomplished projects or happy clients, percentage or revenue growth, or just the number of items sold over a specific period, etc.

Final Words

As you can see, the best thing you can do to revive your resume is to optimize it according to ATS principles of work. Allowing yourself some time and attention to work on this document will bear fruit in the future. If you create your resume with some online service, pick the most optimized templates with user-friendly designs. With the help of our article, you are already well aware of how to do that. Good luck in searching for your dream job!

Date: 31 October 2022
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Useful materials about job search in your mail
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