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Advantages of advanced segmentation

Segmentation is a kind of a tool used for dividing client’s vacancies into certain groups, which gives flexibility and helps to set campaigns as efficiently as possible, depending on client’s goals. Our main task is to understand the goal of the client, before launching a campaign. So with the help of segmentation we can set campaigns more effectively, based on client’s priorities.

Clients often provide jobs that match specific types of work. For example, jobs for teachers, positions for IT field, etc. Therefore, the price of a specific vacancy and the price of hiring a candidate for this vacancy may differ (for example, IT jobs are more expensive, and the driver position will be much cheaper).

That’s why our team uses segmentation for the clients, to ensure corresponding conversion rate and uniformity in price.

Why would you need an advanced segmentation?

Segmentation is needed to divide a client’s feed into different segments.


  • Difference in price due to the industry;
  • Difference in price due to a lifetime — the client has vacancies which take longer or faster to close, than others, so they set a different price for such jobs;
  • The client has jobs of their customers in the feed, who pay them more/less than others, so there is a need to set a different price;
  • The client wants to promote vacancies only in a certain region;
  • The client wants to set a budget limit for each/certain type of jobs;
  • The client cannot promote all vacancies, but has a number of priority jobs, which they can move to a separate segment.

How do we segment?

We always ask our client if there are any priority positions or problematic ones that they cannot close for a long time. In this case, we can do a separate segmentation for them.

  • Keyword in job title — you should not limit yourself with only one keyword, and choose many of them;
  • Location — two options: 1) select the necessary locations to be added to the campaign; 2) all locations, except for a certain one (restriction);
  • Company name — for websites that cooperate with lots of other companies;
  • Substring or query string in URL — it can be entered only once (it will be a campaign with one vacancy);
  • Trigger keyword in the XML tag — for this, the client adds a certain tag to their XML feed along with all the vacancies that should go to a certain company.

Why segmentation is great for a client?

Thanks to segmentation, the client gets flexibility and efficiency in the search for candidates. Particularly:
– Increase of the conversion rate
– The most effective use of the budget
– Focus on priority requests

We believe that segmentation allows you to focus on the main tasks and get the best candidates more easily.

Date: 20 February 2023
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Useful materials about job search in your mail

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