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How Jooble works with a mobile app audience

Jooble Job Search mobile application works in 69 countries worldwide and allows the user to find vacancies from more than 140 thousand resources. Jobseekers can simultaneously search for jobs in different formats, in different regions and in different industries.

In this article, we will tell you how the app works now and how it helps our partners attract quality traffic to their vacancies.

Mobile application for active searchers

A mobile app is a powerful channel of communication and interaction with searchers. With the help of notifications, we draw the attention of jobseekers to relevant vacancies and improve their job search experience. Thanks to Jooble Job Search, our partners vacancies become closer to jobseekers, literally at their fingertips. And the time when a person stays in the application becomes longer. Interestingly, a user may sometimes not respond to a notification, but may remember your brand and come back later.


Even at the MVP stage, we found the conversion to reviews in the mobile app is 1.3 times higher. Jooble Job Search does not yet have an in-app feedback feature. It means, jobseekers from the app are being redirected to the mobile version of the website for reviews, but we plan to implement the Easy Apply function.

Mobile app audience

The Jooble Job Search mobile app is often used by jobseekers who are interested in blue-collar work and employment in the service sector. This is due to the fact those types of jobseekers are interested in quick employment. At the same time, white-collar workers spend more time looking for a job and deciding on whether to respond to a vacancy.

Jooble Job Search is available in 69 countries around the world, but people in different countries look for work in different ways. For example, our analytics show that many users in Austria or Belgium search for jobs by type of employment or by the name of well-known brands, and not just by the job title. But in Great Britain, they look for a job by the name of their profession.

Our team understands the local characteristics of the audience, so we always help our partners adjust advertising campaigns taking into account the specifics of each region.

Value for customers and partners

  1. The Jooble Job Search audience actively interacts with vacancies. Our partners and clients receive high-quality traffic for their ads.
  2. Mobile app audience engagement is higher than desktop one.
  3. Currently, our customers and partners get traffic from the app and the site at the same price.

Our team is currently actively studying the audience of the mobile app and conducting different tests. We improve personalization and user experience. This means that soon Jooble jobseekers will have even more options for a convenient job search, thus our partners will have even more job reviews.

If you want to learn more about the Jooble Job Search mobile application audience or get advice on attracting CV`s from candidates, contact us We are always happy to help!


Date: 12 December 2022
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Useful materials about job search in your mail

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