Housekeeper (On-Call)

Housekeeper (On-Call) Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Housekeeper (On-Call) to join our team.


  • Maintains clean, organized work areas and securely stores equipment and supplies;
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor;
  • Follow cleaning schedule;
  • Completes any reports or logs;
  • Cleans rooms as assigned, including dusting, polishing, vacuuming, changing linens, cleaning bathrooms, etc;
  • knock before entering apartments and announce self;
  • Clean resident’s apartments, blinds, bathrooms and lanais as assigned;
  • Trash removal;
  • Respect resident’s privacy and belongings;
  • Reports equipment malfunctions, injuries, and accidents to the supervisor;
  • Make beds if assigned;
  • Report all concerns about a resident to supervisor;
  • Wrap linen weekly and deliver daily.


  • Active Listening – Able to actively attend to, convey, and understand the comments and questions of others;
  • Accountability – Able to accept responsibility and account for actions;
  • Ethical – Able to demonstrate conduct conforming to a set of values and accepted standards;
  • Communication, Oral – Able to communicate in English effectively with others;
  • Honesty / Integrity – Able to be truthful and seen as credible in the workplace;
  • Empathetic – Able to appreciate and be sensitive to the feelings of others;
  • Customer Oriented – Able to take care of resident needs while following company procedures;
  • Communication, Written – Able to communicate in English writing clearly and concisely;
  • High school diploma or GED required;
  • Safety Awareness – Able to identify and correct conditions that affect employee safety;
  • Previous experience preferred;
  • Able to bend, kneel, squat, stand, and lift heavy objects as needed;
  • Knowledge of general sanitary and safety practices;
  • Relationship Building – Able to effectively build relationships with residents and co-workers;
  • Adaptability – Able to adapt to change in the workplace.