Jr. Project Manager

Jr. Project Manager Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Jr. Project Manager to join our team.


  • Develop project objectives based on predefined customer strategy;
  • Provide direction and decision making for problem resolution;
  • Create a master labeling plan and schedule for new product development and change requests;
  • Act as a primary interface between internal team and the customer project team;
  • Assist with the development and implementation of the supplemental labeling process for late-stage localization;
  • Manage resources and materials committed to the project;
  • Proactively identify obstacles and seek resolution to ensure products delivered to retail;
  • Follows up to ensure that deliverables meet or exceed expectations;
  • Assess and manage risk associated with strategic, technical, financial, political and/or business factors facing the project;
  • Coordinate across all corporate and regional departments and disciplines to ensure timely and quality product and service;
  • Responsible for ensuring that business and end users are consulted with and their input garnered for the project at hand;
  • Use appropriate project management tools, reports, templates, mentoring, training, and coaching to IT project teams;
  • Lead the effort for ensuring agency compliance with the State’s project management policies and standards;
  • Utilize project management best practices, including risk management, quality management, change management, change control and communication;
  • Plan, execute, and finalize projects according to defined timelines and within the allocated budget.


  • Ability to make decisions independently and to assume leadership responsibilities in critical situations;
  • Adept at helping team members harness and develop strengths in pursuit of successful project outcomes;
  • Ability to achieve broadly communicated objectives with a minimal amount of supervision;
  • Proven ability to build and lead integrated teams from various internal and external teams across multiple sites;
  • Appropriate knowledge of Waterfall and Agile methodologies and proficiency in common project planning tools like MS Project;
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a closely related field.