IT Consultant

IT project managers oversee the development and installation of computer hardware and software systems.

IT Consultant Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a IT Consultant to join our team.


  • Provide strategic advice on using technology;
  • Requires in depth knowledge of organization stated technology standards, procedures and methods;
  • Performs application development utilizing in depth knowledge of structure, features and programming language;
  • Design IT systems and networks ensuring the right architecture and functionality;
  • Understand customer requirements and business objectives;
  • Provide assistance with technical issues;
  • Revise existing systems and suggest improvements;
  • Provide recurring Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) service to Ntiva clients;
  • Research and recommend new equipment and systems to enhance productivity and profitability in a client’s business;
  • Provide recurring Chief Information Officer (CIO) service to Ntiva clients;
  • Administer client phishing training campaigns and generate appropriate reports;
  • Provide clients with vision and planning for their information systems and security;
  • Create and maintain written security policies and procedures;
  • Assist a client in managing its IT-related risks, including those related to security, business continuity, and compliance;
  • Conduct recurring security incident response and business continuity exercises.


  • Excellent crisis management skills. You are the island of calm in a room when others are over-reacting and running in circles screaming;
  • Bachelor’s degree.