Risk Analyst

Risk analysts evaluate the risk in investment decisions and determine how to manage unpredictability and limit potential losses. This job is carried out by making investment decisions such as selecting dissimilar stocks or having a combination of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds in a portfolio.

Risk Analyst Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Risk Analyst to join our team.


  • Processing forms;
  • Following up with internal business customers;
  • Checking the queue for risk work;
  • Aid and support in providing organization-wide ERM training, as applicable;
  • Communicate with senior client contacts to manage analysis projects, deliverables and timelines;
  • Train clients on best practices for using IF solutions;
  • Administer and manage the risk management system that holds all risk information pertaining to the ERM Department;
  • Conduct and coordinate Risk and Control Self Assessments (RCSA) to document and assess internal controls;
  • Work closely with business development and senior management colleagues to develop and maintain client-specific performance objectives;
  • Perform risk analysis projects using IF modeling solutions for insurers, brokers, reinsurers and other financial intermediaries;
  • Monitor internal and external information for identification and assessment of risk;
  • Prepare presentations for Senior Management related to various risks including credit risk analysis and loan portfolio reviews as required;
  • Create and update risk reports;
  • Develop strong time management approaches to juggle multiple tasks and projects;
  • Ensure analysis programs and structures of outputs meet the regulatory standards.


  • Strong relationship management skills;
  • Strong MetricStream experience;
  • Experience with data analysis;
  • Experience with Accounting and Finance or recent graduate with an Accounting/Finance major or minor;
  • Small to large project teams and extensive interaction with internal and/or external clients;
  • Any project leadership is a plus;
  • Analytical abilities to understand client issues and develop technical solutions;
  • Good knowledge of MS Office, Excel and SQL;
  • Advanced Excel skills required;
  • At least Bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Information Science or a related field;
  • Must have a Bachelor’s Degree and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher;
  • Demonstrated commitment to outstanding client service;
  • Self-motivation and confidence that results in a ‘can-do’ attitude;
  • Client management, collaboration and decision-making skills for working with multiple stakeholders;
  • Read and become familiar with publications from Impact Forecasting and Aon Analytics.