Sr. Backend Engineer

Sr. Backend Engineer Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Sr. Backend Engineer to join our team.


  • Providing technical leadership to junior engineers;
  • Doing regular code reviews;
  • Write solid and scalable code;
  • Building new features and services in Elixir.


  • Experience scaling systems with 1 million records to 1 trillion records under various write and read conditions;
  • Experience contributing to a scalable architecture/design of existing and new systems that are up 24/7 and easy to maintain and monitor;
  • Great verbal and written communication skills;
  • In-depth understanding of HTTP and various other protocols;
  • Expert in OOP and building modular unit testable code;
  • Experience designing API’s with Test Driven Development, TDD or understand the importance of TDD;
  • Experience working with both relational and document oriented datastores such as Postgresql, MySql, MariaDB, Cassandra, MongoDB, HBase, etc;
  • Experience designing, implementing, and maintaining highly complex asynchronous backend processing jobs;
  • Experience performance tuning and profiling systems to identify and fix/design around bottlenecks;
  • Ability to understand highly complex legacy systems and to come up with improved designs;
  • Experience building MVP’s with future improvements in mind not being afraid to move forward with existing deficiencies to be later improved;
  • Experience being involved in or driving statistical experiment design while understanding the statistics behind A/B or multivariate testing;
  • Great track record of working well with others;
  • Experience migrating data while having near zero production down time.