Journeyman Ironworker

Journeyman Ironworker Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Journeyman Ironworker to join our team.


  • Unload and stack prefabricated steel;
  • Reinforcing/tying rebar in concrete construction;
  • Connecting columns, beams and girders with bolts or by welding them into place;
  • Verify vertical and horizontal alignment of steel structures;
  • Using metal shears, torches and welding equipment to cut, bend and weld steel;
  • Placing and setting heavy machinery;
  • Erecting and/or dismantling structural steel frames of structures;
  • Operating forklifts, cranes and other heavy equipment to lift steel columns, beams and girders according to blueprints.


  • Ability to weld 3G and 4G;
  • Insert sealing strips, wiring, insulating material, ladders, flanges, gauges, and valves, depending on types of structures being assembled;
  • Bolt-up structural member following blueprints and instructions from supervisors;
  • Place blocks under reinforcing bars used to reinforce floors. Required Experience;
  • Dismantle and demolish structures and equipment;
  • Rig structural-steel members to hoist cables, using chains, cables, or rope;
  • Assembling: Plumbing of structural steel; installing deck; installing and welding steel stairs, handrail and guardrail.