Metal Fabricator

Metal Fabricator Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Metal Fabricator to join our team.


  • Metal Fabricator prepares, fabricates and welds various metal constructions, components and structures;
  • read patterns and blueprints, using a variety of tools and machines to make metal parts or assemble components;
  • Ability to understand oral and written instructions of a technical nature;
  • work in manufacturing assembly, or in construction and building;
  • Ability to operate different tools, and to troubleshoot equipment problems;
  • Update paperwork to reflect any changes;
  • Material handling, inspection, and quality audits;
  • Weld and fabricate parts -Spot Welder;
  • Read and interpret detailed blueprint drawings and dimension styles;
  • Air blower assembly and sub assemblers.


  • Drug free at all times;
  • High standard of integrity and professionalism;
  • Grinding, punching and cutting metal material;
  • Unloading and loading skids;
  • Must be able to read blue prints;
  • Must be able to read tape measure;
  • Ability to understand oral and written instructions of a technical nature;
  • Eagerness and willingness to learn and receive instruction/direction from shop foreman;
  • Prior CNC experience preferred;
  • Ability to read and understand architectural drawings, blueprints, and cut sheets;
  • Experience in decorative/ornamental/finish work with metal and glass preferred;
  • Attention to detail and quality control of all parts fabricated A MUST;
  • Have passed Tack Welder and one inch thick 2-G welder qualifications;
  • Able to use Carbon Air-Arch Torch for back gouging;
  • Read and interpret shop drawings, weld symbols and specifications.