Substitute Preschool Teacher

Substitute Preschool Teacher Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Substitute Preschool Teacher to join our team.


  • Helps with acac programs, special events, or activities outside department;
  • Wears proper uniform at all times while at work and always presents the acac brand and standard anytime and anywhere the acac uniform is worn;
  • Club cleanliness is an all-team responsibility; helps whenever necessary in any area of the club to keep club neat and clean;
  • Reads, signs, and abides by the policies included in the Team Member Handbook;
  • Helps with Service Day;
  • Attends New Hire Launch within 30 days of employment;
  • Checks acac email daily;
  • Exhibits a positive attitude at all times and upholds acac’s values of teamwork, customer service, and engagement;
  • Remains competent in administering acac’s Emergency Action Plan and is alert and prepared for any emergency;
  • Performs the Essential Functions and Responsibilities as described (other duties may be assigned);
  • Attends departmental meetings and any other meetings as requested;
  • When supervisor or team members call or email, promptly returns contact;
  • Parks in team member designated areas;
  • If unable to work, proactively seeks substitutes for shifts and immediately informs supervisor of the substitution;
  • Ensures that time worked does not exceed 40 hours during the pay week (Sunday-Saturday); any overtime worked must be pre-approved by the supervisor.


  • Previous work experience and knowledge of VDSS licensing standards highly desired;
  • Must qualify as a Lead Teacher as described in the Job Description;
  • College degree preferred;
  • Must be able to work professionally and calmly in an environment which may have heightened noise and stress;
  • Must be able to participate in indoor and outdoor activities;
  • Current CPR, First Aid, and AED certifications a plus;
  • Must have a genuine interest in working with and interacting with children;
  • Excellent conflict resolution skills and able to diplomatically manage confrontation;
  • Willing and able to respond immediately and appropriately to multiple or unexpected situations or emergencies;
  • Experience with preschool and/or youth programming highly desired;
  • Must be able to frequently lift, move, or hold children;
  • High school diploma or GED required;
  • Must be able to stand, walk, bend, reach, pull, stretch, climb, and move for duration of shift.

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