Steward Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Steward to join our team.


  • Follows checklist duties and responsibilities given by management and supervisors;
  • Stock and maintain supplies and equipment;
  • Transport and store clean serviceware;
  • Arrives for work on time and in proper uniform;
  • Cleans all trashcans and returning of them to the proper areas of the kitchens;
  • Cleans all dish machines on a weekly basis;
  • Responsible for all cleaning in back of house Food and Beverage areas to ensure highest quality efficiency and operations;
  • Coordinate with Chefs all equipment needs for banquets;
  • The ability to follow proper payroll procedures;
  • Handles and washes all glass, silver , china, dishware and cooking utensils utilized daily in the operations;
  • The ability to properly handle the dishwashing machine including turning on and off, de-liming, changing water and adding chemicals;
  • The ability to utilizes the different cleaning products safely for specific tasks;
  • The ability to perform other tasks or projects as assigned by hotel management and staff;
  • Cleans kitchen equipment as required by the Executive Steward;
  • Safely utilize and store all cleaning compounds, chemicals, and materials including soaking solution utilizing the correct protective clothing.


  • Must be able to maintain a flexible work schedule;
  • Ability to comply with physical demands as outlined below;
  • Promptly reports all maintenance issues;
  • Adhere to all Health Department requirements;
  • Ability to work in extreme temperatures (freezers and walk-in refrigerators);
  • Keep entire kitchen area clean, including counters, floors and equipment;
  • Continuous bending, reaching and twisting;
  • Report to work on time;
  • Maintain open lines of communication with all departments;
  • Kneeling- Ability to flex legs at the knee so that individual can lower the body coming to rest on one or both knees;
  • Bending – Ability to move and control one’s torso so items can be [picked up from a lower surface level;
  • Operates and clean equipment properly;
  • Ability to work positively in a fast-paced environment;
  • Perform other duties as requested. Adhere to applicable Trust Standard Operating Procedures;
  • Continuous use of hands and arms.