Certified Nurse Aide

Certified Nurse Aide Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Certified Nurse Aide to join our team.


  • Maintain a clean and safe resident environment;
  • Perform palliative and post-mortem care;
  • Perform routine care rounds on each assigned resident, at minimum, every two hours (or more frequently as indicated);
  • Accurately perform and record vital signs, height and weight;
  • Accurately calculate and record weight gain/loss and fluid intake/output;
  • Remind clients to take medication at the appropriate time;
  • Help in preparation of meals;
  • Grocery shopping or performing other errands as needed, if assigned;
  • Recording pertinent information pertaining to the client’s care on the daily records;
  • Submit time slips and all other appropriate paperwork on time;
  • Assisting with personal care including hair care, oral hygiene, bathing, grooming and dressing;
  • Assisting with ambulation and/or transfers with or without mechanical aides;
  • Assisting client with feeding;
  • Observing and reporting any changes in client’s condition to appropriate supervisory staff;
  • Accompanying the client to the doctor or other appointments as assigned.


  • Functional literacy in English is required;
  • Complete familiarity with duties of a certified nursing assistant;
  • State certification as a nursing assistant mandatory;
  • Must have English written and verbal communication skills (read, write, and speak);
  • Reliable transportation – able to travel to and from assignments on time;
  • Dexterity in hands, arms, legs, and fingers for completing physical care tasks;
  • Able to communicate effectively, hear and understand others as well as emergency announcements;
  • Willingness and ability to complete CPNC approved training program;
  • Supply CPNC with two verifiable references;
  • Must be able to sit or stand for extended periods of time;
  • Able to complete the CPNC application process within 90 minutes;
  • Able to take direction from supervisory staff;
  • Must be able to work independently;
  • Able to lift 50 pounds, bend, stretch and reach, walk up and down steps, and be able to push or pull 75 pounds a minimum of 5 times per shift;
  • Ability to respect each patient/client rights and dignity.