Certified Nursing Assistant / CNA | Full Time

Certified Nursing Assistant / CNA | Full Time Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Certified Nursing Assistant / CNA | Full Time to join our team.


  • Collects and transports specimens as directed;
  • Practices careful, efficient and non-wasteful use of supplies and linen, and follows established charge procedures for patient charge items;
  • Provides reality orientation in daily care;
  • Participates in socialization activities on the unit and assists patients to activities;
  • Adheres to policies and procedures of the center the Department of Nursing;
  • Prepares patients for meals and services, removes food trays and assists with meals or feeds patients;
  • Answers patients’ call lights, anticipates patients’ needs, and makes rounds to assigned patients;
  • Accompanies patients to appointments as directed;
  • Familiar with Nursing Care Plans and contributes when new information available;
  • Performs all tasks/procedures included on assignment or reports to charge nurse any tasks not completed;
  • Attend in-service education programs and participates in Silver Chair Training, as assigned, to learn new procedures, develop skills, etc;
  • Assists in the preparation for admission of patients;
  • Restrains patients properly when ordered. Understands reason for restraint and suggests less restrictive measures if possible;
  • Ensure resident needs and desires are met quickly and appropriately;
  • Take vital signs.


  • Tactful and courteous approach with patients and visitors;
  • Ability to withstand exposure to dust, mold, mildew and cleaning solutions;
  • Treat all patient information as confidential material;
  • Previous experience working with the elderly in a residential or long-term care setting also preferred;
  • Ability to follow oral and written instructions;
  • Notify Charge Nurse of changes in residents’ conditions or needs;
  • Must have and continue a clean Sex Offender report;
  • Direct and monitor the personal care duties carried out by Nursing Assistants of an assigned team;
  • Must have and continue a clean Criminal Background report;
  • Capable of charting accurately in the Patient Care Record or other similar form;
  • Ability to adapt to various living environments and locations;
  • Ability to bed, twist, stoop, kneel, and reach;
  • Ability to communicate with clients in a friendly and congenial manner;
  • current/active CPR/BLS card;
  • Ability to treat and care for clients and their property with dignity and respect.