Registered Nurse (Full Time)

Registered Nurse (Full Time) Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Registered Nurse (Full Time) to join our team.


  • Assign and supervise all C.N.A.s and other relevant staff. Assign break times and all regular and special assignments;
  • Carry out direct contemporaneous charting and chart detailed monthly evaluations of each resident;
  • Review daily documentation of controlled substances and narcotics distribution. Verify inventory of drugs covered by controlled substances laws; and;
  • Provide quality nursing care to SKLD residents in an environment that promotes their rights, dignity, and freedom of choice;
  • Provide nursing care to all assigned residents while on duty and assesses residents’ status according to their care plan.


  • Perform emergency procedures as needed and notify Licensed Independent Provider for treatment orders;
  • Provide guidance, supervise and monitor nursing care provided by licensed vocational/practical nursing staff and non-licensed medical staff;
  • Apply appropriate nursing skills in the area and treatment of inmates/residents;
  • Attend sick call with the physician to see inmates/residents; prepare a list of inmates/residents to be examined; prepare examining room and equipment.