Service Valet

Service Valet Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Service Valet to join our team.


  • Train as an Express Service Advisor;
  • Manage parking area;
  • Delivers vehicles to sites and locations as required;
  • Greeting Customers;
  • Install disposable covers and floor mats in vehicle interiors being serviced;
  • Maintain internal and external appearance and cleanliness of the store, showroom and lot;
  • Protect cars;
  • Thoroughly clean (wash, vacuum and polish) and maintain all vehicles;
  • Ensure all window stickers are properly placed on newly arrived vehicles for display on the sales floor or lot;
  • Check in vehicles and inspect them;
  • Customer vehicle washing and vacuum services;
  • Deliver vehicle back to customer;
  • Transport customers and dealership personnel, as needed;
  • Building and ground maintenance as needed;
  • Pick up vehicles from storage and deliver vehicles to storage and other dealerships.


  • Excellent customer service skills;
  • Reliable transportation;
  • Must be in adequate physical condition (lift object up to 50 lbs);
  • Clear driving record;
  • Profession, clean appearance;
  • Professional appearance and friendly demeanor;
  • Knowledge of basic automotive repair and maintenance;
  • Ability to drive across surrounding states to transport vehicles;
  • Ability to drive manual transmission;
  • Must meet New Country requirements for employment;
  • Positive attitude and good interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to handle machinery safely.