Travel Dosimetrist

Travel Dosimetrist Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Travel Dosimetrist to join our team.


  • Prepare and update patient records accurately and legibly;
  • Study patients’ medical histories;
  • Calculate radiation dose and location and the energy level of the beam;
  • Identify the location, size and nature of tumors;
  • Conduct examinations with the use of diagnostic equipment;
  • Assure compliance with federal, state, and local technical and professional regulations and accepted practiced guidelines;
  • Promotes and maintains a safe work environment for both staff and customers, incorporating national patient safety initiatives;
  • Design computerized isodose treatment plans;
  • Serve as an assistant to the medical physicist and follow the lead of the radiation oncologist;
  • Works effectively to maintain an environment of excellence, which is patient focused, providing timely, compassionate, quality patient care;
  • Delivers quality, cost effective patient care in a professional manner.


  • Exhibits major team player qualities;
  • Excellent communication and listening skills;
  • Understand the;
  • Willingness to assist others when needed;
  • Maintain a positive attitude toward work and others.