Assistant Front Desk Manager

Assistant Front Desk Manager Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Assistant Front Desk Manager to join our team.


  • Treat members, guests, and fellow associates with genuine respect and care;
  • Must be able to talk to strangers and make them feel at ease;
  • Find the perfect balance between formality and friendliness;
  • Able to answer multiple phone lines;
  • Do you have a proven track record of multi-tasking effectively and efficiently;
  • Present a visibly happy, outgoing attitude;
  • Are you intimately familiar, and skilled with Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher;
  • Greet every member and cheerfully bid farewell to every member;
  • Utilize impeccable telephone manners at all times;
  • Improve the day of EVERY member (child or adult) who enters our building with no exceptions;
  • Be able to do at least three things at once, with no sign of stress or strain;
  • Must be able to book, utilize our scheduling software system to the highest level;
  • Willing to cover shifts when necessary outside of a normal 45 hour work week;
  • Constantly seek what more could be done to improve our member’s day.


  • High School Diploma or GED;
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills, working with team members and clients;
  • Highly computer literate, with highly developed skills with Word, Excel, Publisher and Power Point;
  • Always self-motivated and require little direct supervision;
  • Proven record of judgment, exemplary customer service and communication;
  • Possess excellent conflict resolution skills and be able to diplomatically manage confrontation;
  • Willing to cover shifts outside of your regular hours;
  • Aggressively friendly and will you instigate conversation with people you have not met before;
  • Able to multi-task efficiently and effectively while giving proper service;
  • Always, without exception punctual and dependable;
  • Skilled with multi-line phone systems.