Chief Medical Information Officer

Chief Medical Information Officer Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Chief Medical Information Officer to join our team.


  • Work closely with the System CMIO to align with the strategic vision and priorities for enterprise wide informatics;
  • Facilitates planning and implementation for the integration of clinical and research databases;
  • Support Organizational Pillars (Growth, Population Health, Research / Innovation, Performance);
  • Serve as the primary provider champion for all major clinical information technology projects and initiatives;
  • Identify and/or evaluate technologies that enable more effective/efficient clinical workflows and contribute to improvement in clinical outcomes;
  • Participate in applicable clinical and health information technology research as consultant or coinvestigator;
  • Optimize the impact of the Electronic Health Record at Essentia on all roles related to patient care;
  • Identify and pursue research and development initiatives to support quality and patient safety efforts;
  • Participate with and be a liaison to the Essentia Institute of Rural Health;
  • Monitor HHS “Meaningful Use” criteria of electronic medical records systems to ensure that the organization is meeting criteria ahead of deadlines;
  • Provide physician leadership and be the liaison for clinical staff, Operations and technical staff on informatics programs and initiatives;
  • Promote patient and provider/staff satisfaction by facilitating the efficacious use of health information technology;
  • Regionalize/ Access – Expand Footprint, Expand Affiliates, Explore Collaboration with other Systems;
  • Population Health – Drive Cost and Outcomes Accountability;
  • Advance Academic Medicine – Grow Talent, Evolve to Four Year Academic Site.


  • MD/DO/ARNPBoard Certification in his/her chosen field with a minimum of five years of strong clinical experience;
  • Board Certification in Clinical Informatics is desired but optional;
  • Proven track record of EMR implementation and optimization of analytics;
  • Management experience with a track record of leading a collaborative team promoting creative problem solving in a fast paced environment;
  • Minimum 5 years active medical practice;
  • Dedication and on-going commitment to improvement of patient care utilizing existing and future technology solutions to assist;
  • Experience in designing and implementing telehealth platform and solutions for a growing organizational telehealth presence across Essentia Health;
  • Experience with integration of information technology concepts into clinical practice;
  • Excellent communication skills with a high level of collaboration and cooperation;
  • Experience with Leadership roles and management skills;
  • Ability to employ systemwide thinking in development and deployment of technology across Essentia;
  • Ability to lead by example, and be recognized by peers as an excellent physician and credible leader;
  • Board certification in clinical specialty with a current clinical practice;
  • Computer skills that are well above average;
  • Ability to work collaboratively with Healthcare professionals, administrators and support staff from both medical and technology departments.