Master Control Operator

Master Control Operator Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Master Control Operator to join our team.


  • Monitor and prep content for all national affiliate stations in the Network Operations Center;
  • Report equipment issues and transmission discrepancies;
  • Acquire content from various distributors;
  • Monitor multiple channels to ensure regulatory compliance and quality signals;
  • Observe transmitters and take readings;
  • Execute, edit, update, and append playlists;
  • Maintain program and transmitter logs;
  • Coordinate live and recorded programming for broadcast;
  • Learn and perform newly introduced additional job requirements;
  • Maintain on-air operation to include running critical spots with network programming;
  • Operate Various Automation equipment;
  • Follow FCC monitoring and EAS procedures.


  • Must be a team player with strong interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to learn specialized software applications;
  • Applicant must be able to multi-task;
  • Prior exposure to television station operations and newscast production a plus;
  • Operates Master Control software and equipment as directed;
  • Monitors strength, clarity and reliability of incoming and outgoing signals and adjusts equipment as necessary to maintain quality broadcasts;
  • Completes station sweeps, closed captioning verification, discrepancy reporting, and other paperwork and reports as required by department management;
  • Records/downloads video content to the servers, qualify checks and segments it prior to air;
  • Ensures the station’s compliance with Emergency Alert System and other FCC requirements;
  • Processes traffic logs and appends them to playlist and paperless log program;
  • Maintains programming logs as required by station management;
  • Reports technical issues and equipment failure to Engineering promptly and troubleshoots issues where possible;
  • Performs other duties as assigned. Work Experience and Education Requirements;
  • Proficiency with computers, servers, electronic content delivery, transmitters and other-broadcast-related equipment;
  • Provable history of strong crisis management skills and of success working in a high-pressure environment.