Line Service Technician

Line Service Technician Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Line Service Technician to join our team.


  • Assist Passengers and Crew with Baggage and/or Cargo;
  • Greet, marshal, and park aircraft arriving and departing ramp area;
  • Security checks around facility and parking area;
  • Wing walk with aircraft to insure safety;
  • Fuel Quality Control Procedures;
  • Greet Passengers and Crew on arrival;
  • Safely Operate Fuel Trucks, Aircraft Tugs, Lav Cart, GPU, and other equipment;
  • Assist with Customer Service Duties;
  • Assist with aircraft positioning in and out of hangar facilities;
  • Direct Aircraft Arrivals & Departures from operations ramp;
  • Service Aircraft Lavatories and Water;
  • Tow aircraft on ramp area or in/out of hangars as needed;
  • Aircraft Fueling;
  • Fuel aircraft with Jet A or 100LL fuel as requested by pilot;
  • General upkeep and cleaning of equipment and facilities.


  • Positive customer service attitude;
  • Valid driver’s license and good driving record;
  • Willingness to work Weekends, Holidays and Overtime, as needed;
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs or more;
  • High school education or equivalent experience;
  • Flexible Schedule;
  • Ability to Timely Manage Multiple Tasks;
  • Work variable hours and variable week days, weekend work required;
  • Passion and Desire to work in the aviation industry;
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills;
  • Good verbal and written communication skills;
  • Teamwork Attitude;
  • Willingness to work in all weather conditions;
  • Valid driver’s license and a safe driving record;
  • High school diploma or equivalent.