Unit Leader

Unit Leader Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Unit Leader to join our team.


  • Takes appropriate action in adverse situations involving injury, health or safety of Corps Members and Team Leaders;
  • Conducts site visits to on-going projects to assess project progress, as well as Corps Member development progress, and to provide assistance;
  • Guides, advises and evaluates Team Leaders on project execution and Corps Member development and management;
  • Reviews Team Leader reports, project portfolios, and individual team biographical marketing brochures;
  • Develops or revises policies and procedures, as necessary;
  • Executes development strategies that will increase retention and result in a continuous learning and developmental experience for Corps Members;
  • Provide a safe, secure, and engaging work environment that fosters team member involvement and creativity;
  • Proactively analyzes quality KPIs related to the Zone, prioritizes quality issues and properly guides Team Leaders;
  • Ensure the right allocation of the people on the line, manages absenteeism, trains and builds teams;
  • Ensure a safe workplace, leads the Team to improve Safety in the area and enforces the use of mandated Safety tools and procedures;
  • Coordinating all activities to achieve business metrics and implementing World Class Manufacturing (WCM) processes and initiatives;
  • Understand losses during the Shift, use the C-Matrix to coordinate World Class Manufacturing activities and improve Zone performances;
  • Foster a culture of teamwork, accountability, and safety with team members, peers, and senior management;
  • Utilize kaizen activities to drive continuous process improvements;
  • Provide feedback, coaching, and training to associates as needed.


  • Conflict Resolution;
  • Technical competency;
  • Teaching Others.