CNC Mill/Lathe Machinist

CNC Mill/Lathe Machinist Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a CNC Mill/Lathe Machinist to join our team.


  • Oil and grease machine as required. Clean machine at regular intervals;
  • Conform to all safety procedures and policies;
  • Perform setup/operations on specialty machines;
  • Setup and operate a manual or CNC lathe, mill, jig bore, etc. to do a variety of close tolerance machining;
  • Maintains safety practices related to machining;(wear protective clothing, eye glasses, as required);
  • Work efficiently to achieve targeted goals and to assure compliance to quality specifications;
  • Install and adjusting tools, set feeds and speeds, install fixtures, blocks, shims, and clamping devices.


  • Ability to manage workflow throughout a machining center to meet priorities;
  • Experience programming and operating CNC machines preferred;
  • Experience working with a variety of materials;
  • Ability to make parts from drawings and drawing files;
  • 3-5 years’ experience in manual machining (lathes, mills, etc) desired.