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Controller (Remote)
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Location: Washington DC

Remote Scheduler
Location: United States

Remote Salesperson
Location: Albany, GA

Remote Paramedic
Location: Channelview, TX

Remote Hospitality Coordinator
Location: Beach, VA

Content Officer - Remote
Location: Raleigh, NC

Pharmacist (remote)
Location: Five Corners, NJ

Remote Booking Agent
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Network Engineer (Remote)
Location: Seattle, WA

Remote Tax Senior
Location: Minerva, OH

Senior Accountant (Remote)
Location: Indianapolis, IN

Remote Sales
Location: Miami, FL

Remote Clinician
Location: Bronx County, NY

Remote Travel Associate
Location: Salt Lake City, UT

How to choose between two job offers

To help you make up your mind,  there is a list of factors you need to consider when faced with the prospect of being offered two jobs at the same time. 

When weighing the pros and cons of each job, one should first identify their priorities and personal preferences regarding the working process.  Whichever position you decide to take, bear in mind that it is bound to have a fundamental impact on your future in more ways than one, so choose wisely.

Gather Complete Information

The first step is to collect as many details about both jobs as possible. This includes the duties involved, the hours required, the company’s culture and values, the salary and benefits, the location, and any other relevant nuances.

Once you have gathered all the relevant information, it’s time to assess your priorities. What type of work does each job offer? How important is the company’s culture, the salary, or the location? Once you have identified your priorities, rank them in order of importance. Consider not only the positive aspects but also any potential negatives. For example, if one job is closer to home but requires working longer hours, then the closer location may not be as advantageous.

Picture yourself in each position

Another essential factor to consider is how you will feel working for each company. Imagine yourself in a new job and try to see if you are content and fulfilled enough in that role. To get more specific, you might use the following questions: 

  • Do the job responsibilities and duties excite me and look like something I would enjoy doing on a daily basis?
  • Is the new team I will be working with a good fit for me?
  • Will this new job provide me with opportunities to learn and grow?

Consider how each job aligns with your long-term career goals

Remember to analyze how each job fits in with your long-term career plans. Try visualizing yourself working for each of the organizations at least five years from now. Make two lists of likely advancements and perspectives. If you are eager to obtain a management position, check which company provides better opportunities to fast-track achieving your goal. Last but not least, pay attention to training programs each company offers. It is a genuine sign that an employer cares about their employees and aims to build long-term relations with them. As a result, the more points a firm has that meet your expectations, the better option it is for you. 

Assess The Company Culture

 When appraising the company culture, direct your attention to a few crucial factors. Firstly, define how committed the top leadership is to their organization and employees. Secondly, consider the purpose and operations of each business. Find out if a company makes a meaningful difference through its products and services and determine for yourself if these values align with your own ones. Another significant factor might be a possibility to express your ideas freely and influence the company’s workflow. Finally, take time to check the company’s reputation on the market and its ex-workers’ feedback. This information will definitely help you answer the main question, ‘ Is it a culture I want to be a part of?’ 

Don’t Get Blinded by Salary

While salary and perks are obviously important, there are other aspects that are equally noteworthy. In some cases, they may well outweigh a higher salary and give one job the edge over the other.  These include overall job satisfaction, more scope for promotion, the level of stress or the necessity of working overtime. For some individuals remuneration remains the top priority when applying for a job. However, one should keep in mind that working under pressure on a regular basis is often fraught with a burnout or emotional breakdown. And by the way,   don’t forget to factor in the benefits package. Many companies offer great incentive packages and bonuses that can be worth just as much as the salary.

Assess the Work/Life Balance

Despite the fact that it is almost the end of the article, work/life balance is the aspect one should be considering in the first place. It will not be superfluous to ensure that your employer can guarantee you a healthy balance between your work and your private life and you will not end up being “married to the job”. Is the company flexible with working from home?

To understand which of the offered positions could be a perfect match for your current lifestyle, one should take into account the following nuances:

  •  What is the procedure of taking some time off?
  • What is the likelihood of working overtime?
  •  Is the company flexible with working from home?

Trust Your Intuition

The final item on your checklist should be your intuition. Our brain undoubtedly comes up with the most practical and reasonable ideas, however, our soul speaks through our intuition and knows best what we are striving for. It can be a powerful tool in steering you in the right direction, especially when you are undecided. You should listen to it and if your gut feeling tells you that one job works better for you than the other, then go with that feeling. At the end of the day, you will not have to regret and say ‘I should have listened to my heart’.  


Date: 15 March 2022
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