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13 Jobs That Hire at Age 13

13 Jobs That Hire at Age 13

There are a variety of jobs available to 13-year-olds. It includes working from home or other places that will allow them to develop the necessary skills and even make a good living. Many of the possible jobs require certain connections, and you need to know where to look before considering potential jobs. This article will try to figure out why 13-year-olds should get jobs and which ones are best suited for teenagers.

Why should 13-year-olds work?

Most 13-year-olds are mature enough to get a part-time job and earn their own pocket money. But the law in many states allows working from age 14, which leaves many 13-year-olds confused. If parents allow their child to work from age 13, there are many benefits:

  • A teenager can do chores around the house;
  • The child can learn and develop necessary skills for their adult careers, such as organizational skills and time management;
  • If a 13-year-old works among a large number of people, he will definitely improve his communication skills;
  • The teenager will have his own money to spend on entertainment, gadgets, and other necessities.

The amount of salary for teens depends a lot on the state. It’s best to search online and talk to other parents to understand the best pay rates.

A list of the best jobs for 13-year-olds

If your 13-year-old wants to find a part-time job to earn personal money, you should explore a list of the 13 best jobs for young job seekers. He will improve professional skills and set the stage for their careers.

  1. Actor or model

    Primary duties: Working as a model or actor is one of the few jobs for teens that allows you to not work in the community. You have to do some market research and dedication to get this job. But in the end, you’ll be able to make a good living, and it’s quite a rewarding occupation for kids. Modeling and acting allow the development of communication skills, organizational skills, and resilience.

  2. Babysitter

    Primary duties: Babysitting is a great job for teens as young as 13. A teenager can babysit your children when you are not home. Neighbors or family friends can also take advantage of a similar offer. You can use this activity to develop people skills, patience, and more.

  3. Car washer

    Primary duties: A car washer is quite a good position for young people who want to work outside and breathe fresh air. A teenager can set up a full-fledged vehicle wash in an area with heavy traffic or make a car wash at home for regular customers. If the teen additionally has a vacuum cleaner, he can also do interior cleaning. This job is suitable for adventurous teens because you often need to make a client list.

  4. Dog walker

    Primary duties: Young teenagers, particularly 13-year-olds, are very common among dog walkers. It is possible to engage in dog walking throughout the year. Pets can be taken out after school, in the summer, at noon when pet owners are at work. This job is the best option if a child likes animals and gets along well with pets. You can develop patience and time management skills with this kind of employment.

  5. Housecleaner

    Primary duties: House cleaning is a good employment option for teenagers. First, they can clean your house, then offer their services to acquaintances, neighbors, relatives, and other clients. It is a good employment option to build a regular schedule, as a 13-year-old can build up a base of regular customers for whom they will do house cleaning every week or month.

  6. House or pet sitter

    Primary duties: Pet sitting and house sitting are excellent part-time jobs for introverted teenagers. Often, these duties have to be done when the client is out of town. Teenagers should get this job in the summertime, and many offer these services year-round. You can use these jobs to develop time management skills and learn how to care for houseplants and pets.

  7. Junior Camp Counselor

    Primary duties: Most camps hire teenagers as junior counselors. It is quite beneficial for the older counselors since the younger ones can understand how the camp works. He can assist the full-time adult counselors while receiving training to become a full-time staff member in the future when the teenager grows up. Creative thinking, communication skills, and resilience are developed through this work.

  8. Lawnmower or gardener

    Primary duties: For teens who prefer to spend a lot of time outdoors, a job as a gardener or lawn mower is great. A 13-year-old can mow your lawn, then advertise around the neighborhood to find new clients. In this position, you can develop skills in managing garden equipment, negotiating with people, and managing your time.

  9. Lesson assistant

    Primary duties: If a teenager is an excellent dancer, he can play a musical instrument or sing well. He can get a part-time job as a lesson assistant to demonstrate dance moves or perform compositions. Lead teachers often need assistants to show students how to do a task correctly. This job improves your ability to interact with others, work as part of a team, and develop patience.

  10. Mother’s helper or elderly helper

    Primary duties: Today’s moms with babies often use the services of special helpers who take care of household chores, cooking, and cleaning while moms take care of the children, or vice versa – helpers babysit the children, and moms take care of the house. The elderly may also need some help. This job is excellent for teenagers who like to work with people and help them.

  11. Newspaper deliverer

    Primary duties: If a teenager wants to find a part-time job but his schedule is quite busy, one of the best options is newspaper delivery. In this situation, you have to get up early in the morning. The job presented has a schedule that leaves the afternoon and evening to do personal errands. Working as a newspaper deliveryman can help you develop your time management and organizational skills.

  12. Technology guru

    Primary duties: If your teen is interested in the latest technology and high-tech developments, he would love a job as a tech guru. A 13-year-old can do various things: setting up gadgets, updating software, and helping with choosing a new phone, laptop, or other devices. In the position presented, you can develop communication skills and learn about information technology.

  13. Tutor

    Primary duties: If a teenager has relatively well-developed academic abilities, tutoring is an excellent part-time option. Most parents want their children in middle or lower grades to tighten up their knowledge. To find clients, you can advertise tutoring services at local schools with the help of community organizations. This type of employment develops many skills: patience, interaction with others, and time management.

Date: 13 May 2022
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