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5 Tips To Handle A Job Offer On The Spot

5 Tips To Handle A Job Offer On The Spot

Have you ever gotten a job offer in the middle of the interview? No? Never mind, it’s yet to come. Yes? Lucky you! Or apparently, good for you!

Getting a job offer before the audition is over isn’t a matter of luck. You must have been really good and convincing while responding, so the hiring manager had no other option but to hunt you instantly. However, don’t let them mess with your head – stay vigilant and focused. Your ego may be rejoicing for getting the prize so fast, distracting you from the more meaningful things.

Of course, if this job is the one you’ve been craving for – no time to waste, but accept the offer without further ado. If you aren’t an active job seeker and pick over the options – why hustle? Take a deep breath and allow yourself some time to think about it. The company may be in a completely different position – they are often hostages of timing, deadlines, and urgency. Yet, there is some food for thought.
Anyway, here are some tips for handling a job offer on the spot.

1. Show your appreciation

Politeness is always in vogue, so no matter what your initial intentions and expectations are, demonstrating your appreciation is the first thing on the list.

The hiring manager devotes their time and attention to you, so let them know it’s not in vain. And if their offer is really of high value to you, don’t skimp on your emotions and words – genuine emotions are always distinguished.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for some time

It’s normal to take it slow, think about the opportunity, and analyze every aspect of the offer. Accepting a job is quite a responsible step, and your desire to be as conscious as possible about the issue will only benefit you. The employer will see how sensible you are; however, don’t drag out too much – nobody likes when others waste their time.

3. Find out about the offer package

Do doubt HR will tell you all the details regarding your duties and the benefits. We all know that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. In case the offer package is not that impressive, we recommend reconsidering if you want to get hired by such a company. However, companies have recently started taking this issue more seriously, so in most cases, they offer a pretty good deal. Don’t hesitate to ask for a written version – once a thing is written, it’s forever.

4. Don’t keep the other prospect secret

It’s absolutely okay if you’re engaged in several interviewing processes and hiring managers are capable of understanding it. What is not okay is to try to hide it if asked. Honesty is the best policy – let them know you’re choosing between the two job opportunities. An intelligent hiring manager is likely to ask you around to get more details and therefore be able to reconsider their conditions to get you more interested. Be honest and straightforward, and in no way should you openly compare the companies or, even worse, a point at imperfections, if there are any.

5. Initiate a follow-up

Ask for a follow-up to demonstrate how seriously you take a particular job opportunity. Say that you’d like to discuss the issues that will likely pop up after reading the offer. Say that you want to thoroughly understand every term to prevent future misunderstandings.

Some employers may test the waters by asking a candidate, ‘What If we handed you the offer right now?’. Consider it before the interview and try to be honest, at least with yourself. Try to catch every emotion or thought regarding such an outcome – what would you really do?

If you are content with this scenario, just follow the 5 steps in our article – be thankful for the opportunity, sensible about your decision, be honest about other interviews, and enquire about the benefits package. Take some time to decide, but don’t waste other people’s time if you don’t feel like this offer is a good match for you.

Date: 20 July 2022
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