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How to Handle a Salary Counter Offer

How to Handle a Salary Counter Offer

If you are now at crossroads deciding how not to blunder with a counteroffer, don’t get slothful and read this article. Remuneration issues tend to be harsh, however manageable. Firstly, you should realize that the process of negotiating your offer is something more than adding extra zeros to your paycheck. You should bring to terms the whole package, including:

  • bonuses
  • perks
  • benefits
  • time off
  • holidays
  • sick leaves
  • maternity/paternity leaves
  • and location, of course.

The job market is furious right now, but a brilliant decision would be to take job market challenges as an opportunity to bargain for the best employment conditions. In this article, we share some recommendations on how to handle a salary counteroffer and turn into one of the big-league negotiators.

Be firm and persuasive

Who do you think is more likely to attain the desired, a person who consciously states their interests or one who does it like a shot in the dark? It’s a sure thing that the first one. All your desires regarding employment have to sound clear and be justified accordingly. You cant get a higher salary out of the blue so let the employer know what exactly stands behind your interests.

Be serious

Employers are the same people as employees and they require guarantees. It might cost a penny for a company to hire a new team member, so understanding and respect must go both ways. It doesn’t really look decent to waste people’s time if you are on the fence regarding the position. Moreover, it’s often up to you to figure out what you want to get. So, you should shoulder the responsibility because it will simplify the process for literally everybody involved.

Consider both sides

Despite the exceptionally smooth and successful interviewing process, you do have to allow a thought that some of your requirements have no chance of being met. There are so-called constraints that make a real difference, and no argument in the world, even the most reasonable one, will cause a 90-degree turn of the situation. So what you can do is just find out where they are flexible – if not salary, then bonuses, benefits, or vacation. Suppose you’re applying to a corporation that will hire 10 more people in the same position. In that case, you have little chance to ask for a substantially higher paycheck than other candidates. Otherwise, it’s a small company hires a particular professional, they can fix a better salary rate. Be ready to sacrifice benefits, though.

Be honest

Demonstrating that you stick to honesty and transparency principles will definitely benefit your personality, even if your employment requirements aren’t eventually met. On the flip side, you’ll be recognized as a decent person worth contacting in the future.

Think beyond the cash

What is money? Do people value their physical existence or the opportunities they provide?
Remember that if you neglect the atmosphere at work, core responsibilities, a chance to travel, flexible working hours, promotion perspectives, etc., it is fraught with emotional burnout. We don’t think that you belong to those reckless masochists who are ready to take everything for money only. Just try to have a helicopter view of this job opportunity beyond the figures.

Submit your counter all at once, not piecemeal

One might think it’s better to gradually put your wishes on the table; however, it’s not. You should look through the offer thoroughly and analyze to what extent you’re content with each aspect. Should you be unsatisfied with any of those, reveal them all together, and don’t be afraid to look too demanding or mean. Job is something you will be devoting most of your time and energy to. You have the right to voice your wishes. You will cut the chances of picking the wrong offer and establish clear and transparent communication with the employer.

Avoid giving ultimatums

Some people might still believe that if you dare to give an ultimatum, you are straightforward and strong enough to tell people what you want or mean. In practical terms, it reveals that a person is highly likely to be acting defensively. If you have faced such a response from the employer, the best option would be don’t give an ultimatum back. It will lead your interview to a dead end with no positive outcome. Instead, demonstrate your understanding, bring up other significant topics, and concentrate attention on them. This trick won’t allow the interviewer to get fixed on the issue, and the eventual outcome might change.


Even if you were puzzled initially, we bet things have come to light now. A counteroffer might cause some confusion, but it’s a one-way ticket to level up your working conditions at the end of the day. Whether it’s your present workplace or a new one, you should never cross the line and turn into an arrogant individual with an overly developed sense of self-importance. However, each piece of advice will guide you through this unusual way without losing your face with a truly better outcome.

Seize the opportunity and always remember that work takes a significant part of our lives. It’s up to you to create a comfortable environment where you will thrive, not vice versa.

Date: 20 May 2022
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