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Remote Notary
Location: Phoenix, AZ

- Remote | WFH
Location: Santa Monica, CA

Remote Notary
Location: Arcola, VA

Remote Underwriter
Location: Chicago, IL

Remote | WFH
Location: Las Vegas, NV

-- Remote | WFH
Location: Ann Arbor, MI

Remote Notary
Location: Seattle, WA

Remote Notary
Location: Houston, TX

Consultant - Remote
Location: Vienna, VA

- Remote | WFH
Location: Destin, Okaloosa County, FL

Architect - Remote
Location: Dover, DE

Remote Notary
Location: New Orleans, LA

Remote Accountant
Location: Remote

Veterinarian - Remote
Location: Dallas, TX

Recruiter (Remote Job)
Location: Lebanon, TN

Actuary REMOTE
Location: Columbus, OH

Epidemiologist // Remote
Location: South Carolina

Location: New York, NY

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Therapist - Remote
Location: Smyrna, GA

Location: Remote

Remote Cutomer Service
Location: Dayton, OH

Remote Sales
Location: Fort Collins, CO

Remote Insurance Sales
Location: Charlotte, NC

Remote Administrative Assistant
Location: Southlake, TX

Controller - Remote
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Location: Remote

Remote Outpatient Clinician
Location: Park County, MT

Remote Executive Assistant
Location: Remote

Android Developer, Remote
Location: Remote

Work-From-Home Jobs That Pay Well

Work-From-Home Jobs That Pay Well

Work-from-home jobs can hardly be recognized as a novelty. They have fundamentally settled down as a standard approach since the notorious events started worldwide in 2020. And no wonder, because not only do they offer a chance to work from the comfort of our homes without wasting time on commuting, but also decent earning power. Furthermore, remote jobs comprise a vast range of opportunities, depending on skills, expertise, and interests.

Keep reading our article and learn about 15 work-from-home jobs for you to consider and improve your life!

15 Higher-Paying Work-From-Home Jobs

Undoubtedly, the most significant and valuable leverage of remote jobs is flexibility; however, an excellent salary also makes a difference. Here are 15 work-from-home job opportunities that pay well and more.


Average salary: $44k per year

Core responsibilities: Have you always had a good head for writing and dreamt of turning your humble hobby into a money-making machine? Here you are – a blogger! The job includes working on the concept, planning, researching, writing, and delivering articles of various volumes on different topics. One may also consider UX-writing, which is mainstream nowadays; it will involve partnering with UX/UI designers and SEO and defining user strategies.


Average salary: about $50k per year

Core responsibilities: Guiding and assisting pupils or students with the subjects they have hurdles with. However, do remember it doesn’t mean only giving information – everybody can use Google now. Primarily it implies teaching an individual to analyze, research, and dig a bit deeper, therefore, obtaining the knowledge or skill they crave for.


Average salary: about $53k per year

Core responsibilities: Should you speak a foreign language fluently, why not make money with it? You may work on document translation, literature adaptation, and any other written materials. However, it’s not only about substituting words of a source language with others of a target language. Translators convey the text’s style, tone, and message, paying particular attention to culture and dialect differences. Interpreters, in their turn, work with oral translation, taking part in conferences, presentations, business meetings, and political events. Not only do they have to be fluent speakers, but they also can perform well in front of the public.

Grant writer

Average salary: about $54k per year

Core responsibilities: If you are good at persuading individuals, groups, organizations, and government funders on fundraising issues, take a look at this job. It generally implies writing persuasive proposals and developing business relationships with different donors to gain funding support for non-profits’ missions.

Medical coder

Average salary: $55k per year

Core responsibilities: Are you into medicine but get freaked out by seeing blood? This one is for you – research and analyze medical records from the comfort of your home. You will be in charge of transforming healthcare diagnoses, procedures, and medical services into universal medical codes and ensuring that the correct code is assigned to describe the type of service each patient has received.

Freelance marketing consultant

Average salary: $59k per year

Core responsibilities: A digital marketing consultant specializes in helping companies understand their customers’ needs better and, therefore, makes their businesses more successful and profitable. They create effective online or offline marketing strategies to promote their clients’ businesses or products, check the campaign results, and develop new and better promotional solutions.

Technical writer

Average salary: $59k per year

Core responsibilities: For individuals who are fond of developing and maintaining operational procedures and manuals. One needs to research, document technical design specifications, test scripts, and produce electronic documentation and hard copy manuals.

Graphic designer

Average salary: about $60k per year

Core responsibilities: If you have a good sense of style and are into colors and tones; if you take joy in combining elements of digital designs and strive to create visuals, websites, and other media that catch the eye…This perfect combination of creativity and decent material reward is worth your attention.


Average salary: about $63k per year

Core responsibilities: Who hasn’t heard about programmers? This profession has been on the hearing for a while recently; however, it hasn’t lost its relevance. It might be challenging initially, but our future is completely and unavoidably connected with the digital world, so skillful programmers will never be out of trend! Primary duties include coding, testing, and debugging brand-new or existing programs.

Freelance editor

Average salary: about $65k

Core responsibilities: Are you keen on writing, proofreading, and editing? Are you ready to produce and customize content for various social media platforms and create pitch articles or guest posts for partner websites? Check on freelance editor openings right now!

Affiliate marketing manager

Average salary: about $67k per year

Core responsibilities: Dealing with customer requests, generating sales leads, analyzing customer conversion, as well as detecting and recruiting new affiliates to boost distribution, and developing as well as maintaining effective affiliate marketing strategies… is not a complete list of duties; however, what a challenging and exciting job an affiliate marketing manager is!

Web developer

Average salary: about $68k per year

Core responsibilities: Web developers create and maintain websites. A site should be visually attractive and user-friendly and function seamlessly, without any loading issues or error messages. Other duties comprise designing, writing code, integrating multimedia, and testing.

Insurance agent

Average salary: about $69k per year

Core responsibilities: If you’re fine with cold calling and emailing and don’t mind talking people into buying something, pick this job. The main task of an insurance agent is to ensure that people have a decent insurance policy. If not, they are responsible for providing a complete cycle of procedures to change that situation.

Recruiting specialist

Average salary: about $70k per year

Core responsibilities: Are you into creating perfect matches? Then this job will live up to all your expectations about a dream job as you must match perfectly between employees and employers. Yes, it involves a lot of communication, establishing and maintaining relationships, persuading, and stress; however, the result is usually rewarding.

Sales representative

Average salary: about $71k per year

Core responsibilities: Besides selling, sales representatives are the ones to establish a good rapport with customers, ensure they enjoy their buying experience to the fullest, process orders, and are accountable for solving customers’ requests or inquiries as promptly as possible.

Date: 23 September 2022
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