Paramedics respond to emergency call-outs and give people life-saving medical help.

Paramedic Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Paramedic to join our team.


  • Collection and interpretation of diagnostic data, coupled with clinical decision making, with the goal of promoting and restoring patients’ health;
  • Provide an immediate course of treatment en route to hospital or at the scene;
  • Positive interaction with members of the public and family members present at the scene;
  • Clean, decontaminate, and check vehicles and equipment to maintain a state of operational readiness;
  • Safely operating emergency vehicles in high-stress situations, within a variety of responses and road / traffic conditions;
  • Interact with the community under the premise of promoting prevention and wellness;
  • Perform routine maintenance of EMS equipment;
  • Performs other duties as assigned or required;
  • Completes required documentation according to regulatory standards. (15%);
  • Participate in committees as assigned;
  • Ability to provide basic first aid, prevention care, and guidance in treating a variety of common illnesses/injuries;
  • Attend events including ambulance standbys, community meetings, and other community events as assigned;
  • Ensure all sharps are secured, accounted for, stored and disposed of according to institutional and national policy;
  • Non-patient care assignments as outlined by the Daily Shift Responsibilities procedure;
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • AHA Basic Life Support Certification;
  • Possession of California or National Registry of Paramedic license;
  • State of Indiana Paramedic Certification;
  • Must obtain local accreditation through CCEMSA (Central California Emergency Medical Services Agency) within three months of appointment;
  • Physically Able to Perform Job Duties;
  • Possession of a valid California Driver’s License;
  • AHA Advanced Life Support Certification;
  • Current certification from Texas Department of Health as a Texas EMT Paramedic;
  • Must have graduated from an accredited EMT-Paramedic school or program;
  • A minimum of one year experience as an EMT- Paramedic required;
  • EMT-Paramedic Certification from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Division of Health Services;
  • The completion of an EMS approved paramedic course, and licensure from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Division of Health Services;
  • Maintain a valid Texas driver’s license and good driving record;
  • Shall maintain current certification as an EMT-Paramedic with the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT);
  • Current Advanced Cardia Life Support (ACLS) certification.