FPGA Design Engineer

FPGA Design Engineer Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a FPGA Design Engineer to join our team.


  • Participating in FPGA development, simulation, debugging, and improvement processes;
  • Researching and analyzing design concepts, processes, technologies, and/or products;
  • Production of technical specifications, functional designs, and project documentation;
  • Implementation of FPGA design (Synthesis, Place & Route, and Timing Closure);
  • Participating in FPGA design production release cycle (quality assurance, rollouts, maintenance and bug fixes);
  • Contributing to FPGA design and architecture decisions.


  • Experience with FPGA design languages and tools including VHDL and UVM or OSVVM;
  • Altera High Level Synthesis is preferred;
  • BS Electrical Engineering, MS degree preferred/
  • Experience with Modelsim, Quartus, Mentor CDC a plus;
  • Experience with FPGA engineering concepts, principles, and theories;
  • Expertise using VHDL for implementation and verification of FPGA designs;
  • Minimum 5 years experience with FPGA design, verification and validation;
  • Experience with FPGA SoC, including Avalon and AXI architectures;
  • Experience implementing IP blocks based on interface requirements and designing the required interface logic to overall FPGA architecture;
  • Experience with architecting and implementing embedded processors including NIOS.

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