Training Lead

Training Lead Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Training Lead to join our team.


  • Become the product and services expert, keep up-to-date on changes to company policies and procedures;
  • Develop a training program that ensures new hire and existing Customer Experience Specialists are product, policy, procedure and service experts;
  • Update and maintain internal knowledge bases utilized by Customer Experience Specialists;
  • Build a quality assurance program that identifies gaps in team knowledge;
  • Facilitate training using various approaches such as classroom, virtually, and via online modules;
  • Partner on cross-functional projects and initiatives including Product & Engineering, Marketing, Lab, Logistics, etc;
  • Manage a training calendar for new product launches, marketing campaigns, etc;
  • Be the administrator for Viome’s Learning Management System (LMS);
  • Create and design instructional content for use with training.


  • Proficiency using multiple training documentation and development tools;
  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field;
  • Experience with learning management systems, instructional design, etc;
  • Prior teaching, training, or similar experience involving learning & development;
  • A minimum of three (5 ) years working with ERP software;
  • Knowledge of requirements for integration of training materials in a Learning Management System;
  • Project management skills; ability to set and meet deadlines;
  • Strong communications skills including exceptional writing ability;
  • A minimum of three ( 5 ) years of experience designing and delivering instructional courses;
  • Ability to understand software driven business processes;
  • U nderstanding of basic business processes in ERP software (Finance, Logistics, Human Resources);
  • Deep k nowledge of instructional design principa ls and technologies;
  • Proven project management experience and excellent people management skills;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication as well as presentation skills;
  • Experience in working independently and remotely with Subject Matter Experts.