QA Automation Engineer

QA Automation Engineer Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a QA Automation Engineer to join our team.


  • Develop and maintain quality automation code;
  • Identify areas where automation can improve quality and increase time to delivery;
  • Solves complex automation challenges and works on complex projects with minimal supervision;
  • Maintain and update automated test systems as functionality changes evolve the products;
  • Works with Agile teams to understand end-to-end system functionality;
  • Monitor quality in production and non-production environments;
  • Be an advocate of quality making effective recommendations to drive innovation, team inspiration, and test automation;
  • Prepare test specification according to software requirements;
  • Working closely with cross-functional teams on refining core features of applications;
  • Appian back end services;
  • Design and implement test plans and test cases;
  • 5+ years of relevant industry experience;
  • Test automation using cucumber and other automation tools;
  • Prepare or update reports and documentation;
  • Identify and record bugs.


  • Backend testing experience;
  • Strong SQL experience;
  • Must have experience writing automated tests with tools like Selenium/WebDriver and Appium;
  • Experience with writing Java based automation tests using Selenium WebDriver;
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent;
  • Five (5) years’ experience in Quality Assurance Automation Engineer role;
  • Demonstrable expertise in scripting languages like Groovy, Python, or JavaScript;
  • Experience coding and/or scripting of Python, JavaScript, Perl or Bash programs;
  • Familiar with CI/CD/CT/CR practices;
  • Hands-on experience in writing UI automation using Python, Java or any others;
  • Experience with Cloud testing on AWS, GCP or Azure is a plus;
  • Minimum 3 years of experience creating automation using Java / Selenium automation;
  • Creative problem solving skills;
  • 3+ years of automation experience;
  • Self-motivated, able to learn and research independently.