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10 of the Most Fun Jobs in the World

We’re blessed to live in an era when literally any knowledge and skills can be monetized. Whether art or business, technology or pet care, any hobby or passion may guarantee a regular income and highly sought-after expertise. Different people will obviously have different preferences and understanding of what a “fun job” is, as, in the majority of cases, fun equals satisfaction, and it is strictly personal. If you’re still not sure what exactly you’re searching for, you might consider conducting a self-evaluation that includes the following questions:

  • Which tasks or duties never evoke the feeling of disaffection, frustration, or annoyance?
  • Which tasks get me always inspired, interested and engaged?
  • Is/Are there any idea(s) or mission(s) to which I would strongly like to contribute?

Note that your answers don’t have to be 100% connected with work. They will help to define the spheres which are close to your soul. If you are passionate about organizing trips or travel plans for your family, managing the expenses, choosing the most reasonable prices, etc., consider Travel Manager or Travel Assistant roles. Sometimes, we aren’t even aware that there is a job that lives up to all our expectations and can really bring joy and happiness instead of stress and depression. We have considered absolutely different areas and came up with 10 jobs that can genuinely be called “fun.”

Does “fun” mean the same for everyone?

Obviously, it doesn’t. However, most people feel approximately the same when it comes to a “fun” job – a high level of engagement and dedication that they get while working regularly. No need to mention that everybody can face unpredictable or dispiriting factors now and then, but they don’t usually affect the general impression of the job.

So, as we mentioned, a fun job tends to bring joy. However, it should also bring satisfaction. For instance, you may well enjoy your work, but remuneration can hardly make you satisfied. It’s not only about money; the discouraging factor may vary. However, the most popular “benefit” at work that all conscious employees strive to reach nowadays is work-life balance. Many are ever ready to sacrifice their salary for the sake of this opportunity, so they make it their number one priority when looking for new job opportunities.

Top 10 of the most “fun” jobs nowadays

One should really believe that literally any talent or inclination can be easily turned into a valuable skill and monetized. This article suggests 10 jobs from absolutely different spheres to show you how various job opportunities may be in this day and age.


Average salary: about $52k/year
Core responsibilities: This is a chance to be a part of a magical brewing process and observe it firsthand. If you are a fan of this beverage and are eager to experiment with ingredients and techniques, maybe even create a brand new flavor or taste, go ahead! Having chemistry or engineering expertise would be a significant advantage, as many brewmasters start their way by practicing at home or volunteering at breweries to get familiar with all the subtleties and intricacies of making beer and become real masters.

Event planner

Average salary: about $16/hour
Core responsibilities: A true event manager knows that a little party never killed nobody, and any occasion can be turned into an unforgettable experience. Event planners know how to meet your guests’ expectations, whether a gala, a wedding, conference, or business meeting. Their scope of responsibility is rather broad: they are in charge of finding the best venue possible, creating impressive interior and exterior designs, negotiating with contractors to organize all the necessary facilities and catering, and providing the best atmosphere possible.

Fashion consultant

Average salary: about $11/hour
Core responsibilities: Being into fashion and garments doesn’t necessarily mean only spending money. You will still choose clothes, create fabulous looks for your clients, and get money. Some people are so busy that they have no time or desire to handle this issue, so personal stylists give a hand and help pick the right image or style for special occasions and everyday life. In the Internet era, a fashion consultant may not even need to go somewhere, research designers, and shop for clothes just from their home.

Food critic

Average salary: about $36/hour
Core responsibilities: It’s literally a dream job! Food critics’ responsibilities include tasting various dishes and analyzing to what extent they meet all the requirements of a perfectly cooked thing. Besides that, food critics share their impressions by writing for different media, such as magazines, papers, websites, blogs, and others. The evaluation criteria comprise flavor, taste, presentation, service, and general atmosphere. No need to say that to become a trustworthy and influential food critic, one needs to have advanced knowledge of cooking, be familiar with various world cuisines, and follow all the latest food trends.


Average salary: about $24/hour
Core responsibilities: If you used to like making up stories in your childhood, why not try yourself out as a novelist? Firstly, this job requires a lot of research – a great chance to never stop learning new things. Secondly, it’s really fun to make up plots, storylines, characters, influence, and predetermine their destiny. On the flip side, a professional novelist should be really careful with accuracy regarding historical or scientific nuances. They will often make efforts to create their personal brand and develop networking so that their pieces of art can be noticed and published.

Pet groomer

Average salary: about $36k/year
Core responsibilities: If you are passionate about making cute cats and dogs look even cuter, consider becoming a pet groomer. Pet groomers bathe, trim, style fur, cut pets’ nails, and clean their ears and eyes. It’s not always easy to work with animals. However, it’s worth it 100%. No matter where you’ll be working, either in pet boarding facilities, pet stores, vet clinics, or just at pet owners’ places, positivity and cuteness are guaranteed.

Race car driving instructor

Average salary: about $17/hour
Core responsibilities: This job is for people who are friends with high speed and receive genuine satisfaction from such an extreme activity as motor racing. A racecar driver is the one who not only teaches technical skills of operating a motor racing car but also teaches others how to feel and enjoy the freedom to its fullest, to trust yourself, and to get rid of fears and limitations. On the other hand, this occupation requires really high levels of responsibility since it’s directly connected with people’s safety and wellness.

Radio announcer

Average salary: about $14/hour
Core responsibilities: Some people call them radio announcers, others – disc jockeys, and this job’s idea is to bring listeners joy and happiness. Radio announcers not only play songs and present news or weather forecasts, but they also make jokes, interview guests, and manage all the processes during the broadcasts. It’s often that radio announcers have scripts, but you are always welcome to improvise. Being real and open is the key to becoming a fantastic Dj and winning the listeners’ hearts forever.


Average salary: about $49k/year
Core responsibilities: Like a brewmaster, a sommelier is a wine magician who can pick a bottle of perfect wine to satisfy your wildest taste preferences. A sommelier needs to gain advanced knowledge of different types of grapes and learn how each kind of wine matches different foods. Not only will it give guests a chance to enjoy the wine taste itself but also discover unusual experiences due to the combination of new flavors.

Voiceover artist

Average salary: about $60/hour
Core responsibilities: A great opportunity to become a part of a big show, animated film, commercial, or audiobook, especially if you don’t feel like acting. Technically, a voice over artist just has to read a script and speak into the microphone. However, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. This job requires a lot of energy as speaking for a character may imply being emotional, using accents, or even simulating different physical movements to make your voice sound as naturally as the show requires. If it’s too much, one can try voicing an audiobook, which is usually less energy-consuming.

Date: 26 April 2022
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