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14 Top Qualities Employers Look For in Job Candidates

14 Top Qualities Employers Look For in Job Candidates

It’s clear as daylight that employers are interested in a candidate with solid knowledge of the field or so-called hard skills. Those are obtained at higher educational institutions, colleges, or vocational schools. However, nowadays, there is a tendency among employers to pay attention to soft or interpersonal skills as well. A candidate that may not be the ace in terms of hard skills but demonstrates brilliant communication or problem-solving abilities is bound to surpass others. So, what other soft skills are held in high esteem these days? Stick with our article to learn about the 14 qualities employers look for in job candidates and how to highlight them during the interview.

Qualities employers value

Including these skills in your CV and demonstrating them during the interview with definitely help you stand out among other candidates:

  1. Communication skills
  2. Straightness
  3. Dedication
  4. Reliability
  5. Being a team player
  6. Flexibility
  7. Self-sufficiency
  8. Willingness to improve
  9. Confidence
  10. Work ethic
  11. Determination
  12. Problem-solving skills
  13. Positive approach
  14. Dreaming big

Communication skills

This skill can hardly be overestimated, as communication is the key to any door. Not only does it help to establish rapport between colleagues, therefore, stabilizing the environment inside the team, but it also contributes to business prosperity outside. Communication skills comprise verbal, non-verbal, and written communication. The first two types you may well demonstrate in the interview. One valuable tip is to stay engaged and actively participate in the discussion. As for the written skills, firstly, you display them in your CV, resume, or cover letter, so be sure to double-check and eliminate any possibility of grammar or other mistakes.


Nobody likes double-faced individuals, neither in terms of friendship nor as a part of a business team. The mistake candidates tend to make most often is exaggerating their qualifications or skills. Yes, you will likely make an impression during the selection stage, but what’s next? It’s not that hard for a hiring manager to identify if you speak advanced English, is it? Do you think it’s worth broken trust?


Every manager and every boss wants to rely on their subordinates and be sure that if they’re all in the same boat, all the crew members sincerely contribute to its prosperity. If you want to melt the hiring manager’s heart, show them that you can be a trustworthy and dedicated member who is aimed to contribute to their company’s success.


We bet that even bosses despise deadlines; however, they are integral to every company’s plan. They simply help businesses stay alive and operate. Staying to deadlines and accomplishing tasks on time are really valued.

Being a team player

Some jobs are not based on collaboration within the team. However, it’s impossible to avoid it completely. A harmonious and friendly environment will always contribute to the results a team can achieve in the end. Therefore, try to be nice and friendly during the interview, and conflicts will never arise! The ability to compromise and collaborate will play into your hands instead.


In our fast-paced world, being flexible and able to adjust to unexpected circumstances is priceless. Not only will it boost your chances of being taken on, but it will also save your mental health. Our typical response to unforeseen changes is stress and panic. Therefore, we may lose the ability to make reasonable decisions to tackle problems. Being flexible will keep you chilled and help you find practical solutions quickly.


Indeed, every employee is a part of a big mechanism and has to act considering their possible influence on others. However, most employers will expect that you can make your own decisions based on logic and analyzing skills. Furthermore, taking the initiative and being proactive will demonstrate your willingness to participate in the company’s life and change it for the better.

Willingness to improve

It would help if you let the employer know that self-improvement is one of your top priorities in both your personal and professional lives. It has two advantages; firstly, you show yourself as a realist who realizes that the world is constantly changing, and so are you. Secondly, everybody likes dealing with intelligent people who know there is always room for improvement and are passionate about learning something new.


Confidence works wonders! It’s a well-known fact that confident people can impress and win other people’s hearts way more often than other qualities. Confident people also clearly understand what they want and need from life. Don’t be afraid to share your goals and dreams with the hiring manager or future boss – they will see that your vision is more extensive than just covering your basic needs.

Work ethic

Being punctual and organized is another valuable quality for an employee. Follow these work ethic principles:

  • Eliminate any possible distractions from your working space.
  • Don’t be afraid to engage your colleagues or managers in identifying your spheres of improvement.
  • Follow the principles of prioritizing.
  • Keep everything organized: your mailbox, workspace, reports, etc.
  • Take breaks to let your body and mind relax, maintaining your productivity and efficiency.
  • Learn the basics of time management and integrate it into your working schedule.


Every successful individual is aware of all the pitfalls real success includes. To show your persistence to an employer, think of a situation from your experience when you overcame some obstacles and achieved your goal.

Problem-solving skills

Problems have always been and will always be a part of any working process. The faster you learn to deal with them instead of fearing them, the better it will be for both your career and mental health. Come up with a story of when your decision made a difference and led to a positive outcome.

Positive approach

We’re not talking about toxic positivity, which results in mental breakdown. Just learn to look at things differently: instead of ‘problems’, say ‘challenges,’ instead of ‘failure,’ say ‘an opportunity to learn and improve,’ and so on. Stressed-out and panicky employees are unlikely to create a healthy environment and productive atmosphere within the team.

Dreaming big

Ambition can speak for the worker a lot. It demonstrates that an employee is motivated and confident in their abilities; they are not afraid of failures and are ready to work hard for the sake of their dream. Isn’t it a valuable quality? If you show your potential boss that you are this type of person, they are highly likely to create a very positive image of yours – an image of a respected and worthy candidate to join their team.

Date: 5 October 2022
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