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Remote Licensed Psychiatrist
Location: Portland, OR

Personal Injury Attorney - Hybrid Remote!
Location: Saint Paul, MN

Remote Licensed Professional Counselor
Location: New Mexico

Remote Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Location: Oregon State

Commercial Product Underwriting Specialist - Remote
Location: Arizona

Remote Licensed Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Location: Camden, SC

Remote Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Location: Oregon State

Psychotherapist - Remote
Location: Tampa, FL

QA Engineer - Remote
Location: Beloit, WI

Supporting Clinician (Remote)
Location: Oakton, VA

Remote Underwriter
Location: New York, NY

-- Remote | WFH
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Remote Notary
Location: Baltimore, MD

Remote Notary
Location: Jacksonville, FL

Psychotherapist - Remote
Location: Porterville, CA

Remote | WFH
Location: Brookings, SD

Remote Notary
Location: Las Vegas, NV

Remote Notary
Location: Detroit, MI

Remote Reservationist
Location: United States

Administrative Assistant (REMOTE)
Location: Remote

Remote Paramedic
Location: West Texas, TX

Remote EMT
Location: Mentone, TX

- Remote | WFH
Location: Honea Path, SC

Remote Notary
Location: Charlotte, NC

Remote Copywriter
Location: Remote

Remote Recruiter
Location: Remote

Auditor | Remote
Location: Minneapolis, MN

Remote Sales
Location: Dover, NH

Remote Sales
Location: Canton, SD

Remote Recruiter
Location: Remote

20 Best Jobs for Teens

20 Best Jobs for Teens

Teenage life proves to be harsh. Many teens strive to be independent, so they have to manage their educational processes, but they also try to find possible sources of income. The latter should not be affecting their performance and lead to falling behind, though. Fortunately, many companies and businesses offer part-time jobs, like weekend or evening shifts, which may become a decent alternative in this situation. Besides an opportunity to cash in, youngsters can develop necessary soft or hard skills and start gaining valuable work experience. They will definitely benefit if they put it on a resume or a college application later on. Moreover, managers are often eager to train young people and get them ready to step into the big professional world. Since this issue is pretty relevant for teenagers and their parents, we have made up a list of jobs that suit teenagers best, as they require no or little experience and can be easily aligned with the core responsibilities – attending school, extracurricular and out-of-school activities. We have considered the difference in interests and inclinations; that’s why there are in-person positions for those eager to obtain customer service skills that help develop technical or writing expertise.


Average salary: about $16/hour
Core responsibilities: In our fast-paced world, whether newly minted or experienced, parents often struggle with combining their parental and professional duties. Here come babysitters, a magic wand who help with such basic things as feeding, transporting, bathing, and entertaining kids. Of course, a wonderful idea would be to take up a special course and get CPR certified, not to become glassy-eyed in case of emergency.


Average salary: $16/hour
Core responsibilities: If you are into coffee or coffee-related drinks, you are bound to try yourself out as a barista. Making coffee is not the only thing you will be dealing with. To make customers fall in love with your service, you should be ready to work hard and do your best to become a virtuoso in this craft. And don’t forget about the cleaning part – maintaining inventory and taking care of the venue is a must.

Camp counselor

Average salary: about $13/hour
Core responsibilities: This type of work will contribute to developing customer care skills. Camp counselors are liable for campers’ safety and comfort, ensuring their customers go through a first-class experience. However, there is also a managerial aspect, as camp counselors also monitor that the rules are followed, issues between campers are solved, and facilities in a camp are crystal clear.

Car wash attendant

Average salary: about $10/hour
Core responsibilities: You will be doing the full cycle of sprucing cars up, including washing, buffing, and shining. As for the interior area, a car wash attendant does the vacuuming, throws away the trash, washes car mats, gets stains out of the seats, gets rid of dust, etc. One should keep in mind that this job also implies dealing with chemicals.

Concession stand worker

Average salary: about $12/hour
Core responsibilities: A perfect match for youngsters willing to participate in various social events. As a rule, concession stand workers serve people food and drinks, manage payments, provide information on the menu, and help guests make the right choice. However, to make people eager to buy from your concession stand, don’t neglect cleaning up and making the area neat and attractive.

Daycare assistant

Average salary: about $11/hour
Core responsibilities: A good choice for those who adore little children and enjoy spending long hours with them. One should be providing basic care, such as changing diapers, washing, feeding, and potty training. Besides that, a daycare assistant is responsible for arranging educational or fun activities to maintain mental development.

Delivery driver

Average salary: about $17/hour
Core responsibilities: The name of this job speaks for itself, as the primary duty is to deliver food orders to specific locations. However, one should also remember to keep food items safe, sound, and delivered on time. It is definitely not a good idea to keep hungry customers waiting.

Dog walker

Average salary: about $15/hour
Core responsibilities: Dogs, like children, require care and attention. It is an excellent idea to find a person who will be giving dogs enough training practices, feeding on schedule, and walking them safely while their moms and dads are away. It doesn’t depend on weather conditions, so one should be ready to do it rain or shine.

Fast food attendant

Average salary: about $9/hour
Core responsibilities: It’s another option to gain some customer care experience as fast food attendants deal with taking orders, preparing, and serving food for their guests. They may work inside the store or at the drive-thru. Good knowledge of the menu and ingredients is a must, not to lose face when answering customers’ questions regarding the dishes or beverages. Sometimes responsibilities may include cleaning the area, including tables, floors, and windows.

Grocery store cashier

Average salary: about $11/hour
Core responsibilities: The list of duties includes a range of operations behind the checkout counter, like scanning customers’ purchases, bagging them, and dealing with payments. They may also include stacking shelves and providing help to customers from time to time.

House cleaner

Average salary: about $13/hour
Core responsibilities: If house chores and dealing with chemicals don’t make you sick and you are ready to do it not only in your house – here you are! All tasks are the same as at home: vacuuming, dusting, mopping, laundry, cleaning bathroom equipment, and washing up. If you tend to sin by cheating at home, it is fraught with losing a client.

Kennel assistant

Average salary: about $11/hour
Core responsibilities: This job is for genuine animal lovers. If you are ready to work in voluntary shelters or vet institutions and provide different types of care for our smaller brothers, pick it. The primary duties comprise cleaning cages, grooming, walking, feeding, giving meds, and entertaining. Kennel assistants may sometimes be in charge of greeting and checking-in visitors.

Landscape laborer

Average salary: about $14/hour
Core responsibilities: This job will be a perfect match for teens who prefer spending time outdoors. In the arsenal of a landscape laborer, there are always tools for mowing lawns, trimming, clipping, and watering plants. They will also be dealing with fertilizers and insecticides, ensuring that nothing can destroy the beauty of a client’s landscape. If requested, landscape laborers may sometimes be engaged in other maintenance tasks to keep the property neat and nice.

Library assistant

Average salary: about $13/hour
Core responsibilities: This job is pretty calm and quiet. A library assistant is firstly responsible for assisting visitors in choosing or finding necessary books and keeping records on books being borrowed or brought back. Other duties may include carrying out an inventory, putting books on the shelves, and turning printed or older files into digitized versions.


Average salary: about $12/hour
Core responsibilities: A job that requires serious preparation before getting started, as the primary duty is to provide swimmers with absolute safety during swimming activities. Lifeguards usually monitor guests to follow all the safety rules and guidelines and rush to rescue people who get into trouble in the water. Besides a CPR certificate and first aid knowledge, lifeguards must prove their swimming skills by passing an exam.

Restaurant host/hostess

Average salary: about $12/hour
Core responsibilities: This job implies greeting and escorting clients to their seats in the first place. What’s more, restaurant hosts and hostesses also have to evenly distribute guests in different sections of their restaurant while considering their preferences, answering phone calls, or making table reservations.

Restaurant server

Average salary: about $11/hour
Core responsibilities: A restaurant server is usually responsible for taking orders from guests of their restaurant, consulting on the menu, and serving their meals. They are also in charge of providing their clients with unforgettable experiences, escorting them to their tables, and watching dirty plates taken away and glasses refilled on time. However, they are also the first to be dealing with clients’ complaints or remarks.

Retail sales associate

Average salary: about $12/hour
Core responsibilities: A job which comprises a full range of sales services, starting from selling items and up to maintaining cleanliness and order in the store. It’s another option to gain customer care skills, as retail sales associates will deal with assisting customers with any questions or requests, exchanging or returning issues, and receiving complaints if necessary.


Average salary: about $21/hour
Core responsibilities: If you are good at some subject/subjects and are willing to share your knowledge for decent money, try yourself in this role. Helping students who struggle with some subject and watching them transform means a lot for both sides. One often doesn’t need profound knowledge of something, just an ability to explain the school material in more simple words.

Web designer

Average salary: about $22/hour
Core responsibilities: Having a sense of beauty and knowing how to use software gives a wonderful chance to make money by creating outstanding websites. However, clients tend to cooperate with skillful and trustworthy designers, as they can understand and embody their wildest ideas and requests that perfectly match their businesses. For this reason, a newbie has to bother with preparing an impressive portfolio and stock up with educational literature on how to lead negotiations with clients professionally and efficiently.

Date: 15 April 2022
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