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How To Write a Job Offer Thank-You Letter (With Template)

How To Write a Job Offer Thank-You Letter (With Template)

Searching for a job takes time, effort, and a lot of nerves. Yet, when you receive the job offer you wanted, it all washes away with excitement. Your new employer is ready to sign the deal, and you look forward to stepping into a new position. Before you dive into your responsibilities, it might be a great time to express gratitude with an acceptance email.

Similarly to applicants waiting for the employer’s response after the interview, employers expect the applicants to do the same after they send them the offer. Therefore, writing a job offer thank-you letter would be an excellent idea.

You can include your appreciation for the opportunity and your decision regarding the offer. It is a sign of politeness and a demonstration of professionalism and communication skills. You get to formally accept the offer with all the details or respectfully withdraw if the offer doesn’t fit your expectations.

This article explains a job offer acceptance letter and tips on writing a thank you for a job offer appropriately. Experts from Jooble Advice Center provide a template and a real example that can be used to create your own.

What is a job offer thank-you letter?

When you apply for a new job, it is standard to expect an offer letter. After all, it is the most critical thing in a job search. When you receive such a letter after the interview process, it is a great idea to respond with a thank you for offering email.

With such a response, you show a hiring manager that you are a responsible and professional employee. And that you value the future relationship. It is part of the joy of joining the team.

The best thing an applicant can do is to remain respectful and decent even after the interview. It takes about ten minutes to use our template, modify it according to your needs, and send it to the employer. Sounds easy. So this is what a job offer appreciation letter is for – include your gratitude for the chance to participate in the audition and inform whether you accept or reject the offer.

Why you should write a job offer-thank you letter

If you accept the offer, it’s logical to write this letter to let your future employer know when they should start the hiring procedure. It serves as your digital signature and the final decision on the matter. Thank you for offering me the position; I am accepting the job. That’s the crucial part.

Besides sincere appreciation, such a letter serves as a final way to figure out all the compensation, benefits, work hours, and responsibilities. You can clarify the start date with the hiring manager. It is the final step in the hiring process.

You can also have a further discussion on terms and conditions in case something isn’t clear in the key takeaways. Make sure all the details regarding salary, health insurance, and benefits are settled so that you and the company are on the same page. Double-check whether the details are the same as you agreed on during the job interview.

However, one may neglect to write and send a thank you email for a job offer if they choose to decline it. But ghosting HR doesn’t automatically mean you are no longer interested in their offer. Moreover, if now isn’t the right moment to cooperate, who knows, it may happen later. Therefore, besides “thank you,” you may express your intention to keep in touch with them, which may result in future job opportunities.

Even if your final decision is to decline, you must let the hiring manager know.

How to create a job offer thank-you letter and say thank you for the job offer

To come up with an excellent job offer thank-you letter, you should include the following elements:

Clear subject line

The recruiter probably deals with hundreds of letters daily. That’s why crafting a concise subject line for your email is vital. It can be something along the lines of:

“Your Name: Job Offer Acceptance Email”

“Job Title: Acceptance Email”


It is acceptable to use “Dear hiring manager.” However, if you already know their name after the job interview, make the salutation more personal. It is always better as it shows that you care.

You can use business language with “Dear Ms. Jones” or “Dear Mr. Brian.” Avoid using “To Whom It May Concern” as, at this stage of the recruiting process, it sounds a bit inconsiderate.

Sharing your appreciation

Everybody knows that “thank you” is a magical word; however, do you believe in its power? Showing gratitude to the company for allocated time and energy can work wonders; if you got the offer, even more so. It’s also a good idea to thank the company by name and mention the position it is offering.

Even if you decline, writing a sincere appreciation is a good thing. It will present your professionalism and gratitude to the company for the opportunity. Something as simple as “Thank you so much for the given opportunity” can go a long way.

Make it clear if you accept or decline the offer

The second paragraph of your job offer thank-you letter should state your decision regarding the offer, whether you accept it or not. Don’t restrain yourself from demonstrating your delight and excitement if you are going to take the offer. Be polite and respectful, but do not misguide the reader.

Otherwise, explain why you declined the offer; don’t wriggle or include weird reasons. Honesty is the best policy; furthermore, express your intention to keep in touch for future job opportunities.

It is expected to let the team know that you look forward to joining and hope to be a great addition.

Clarify the issues you don’t understand or need more information on

It’s absolutely okay to ask questions or request clarification of the issues you have doubts about. Both sides should feel safe and sound while cooperating. Feel free to ask for a phone or video call with your future boss if your question is out of HR’s competence. It’s definitely better to ask questions than not ask at all; employers greatly respect and value it.

For instance, ask about the XYZ company’s start date or the position’s salary if it wasn’t discussed before.

Remember to include your contact details

You may have already included your contact information in your CV. However, to make it more convenient for everybody, you may put it in your thank-you letter again. If you need to clarify some details, the employer can use it immediately, without looking through your CV in the pile of other ones.

Add your email and telephone numbers, so the team can quickly contact you.

Proofreading is a must

Nothing else can spoil the impression of illiteracy in your thank-you letter. It is the first sign of your professionalism; therefore, please proofread it again before sending it. Ensure there are no grammatical errors or other mistakes. The things you should be paying attention to are listed here:

  • Spelling and grammar: Many online proofreading services will help you save time while checking your letter for spelling or grammar errors.
  • Formatting: your letter should be consistent. Follow the template of a job offer acceptance letter below to provide a professional format.
  • Clarity: your letter has to be brief, concise, and easy to understand. There is no need to make it longer than one page.
  • Tone: no familiarity or informality is acceptable. Keep your style respectful and appreciative throughout the letter.


Most likely, you’ll send your letter via email. Check the recipient’s email address carefully, and don’t skip the subject line. It would be best if you made it brief but clear, so the employer doesn’t have to bother understanding who the letter is from. It may be as simple as “thank you” or “appreciation letter from …” and your first and last name.

You can finish your letter with “Best regards” or “Sincerely yours.”

Job offer thank-you letter template

We have developed a simple but professional template to make writing as comfortable and fast as possible.

Subject: [Your first and last name] Appreciation Letter

Dear [hiring manager’s name],

I appreciate the opportunity to become a part of [company name] that you have provided me. I would also like to thank you for your time and attention to my candidacy.

I’m pleased to accept the [job title] position. To clarify some issues, please get in touch with me at [your contact information] so we can discuss the further steps.

I’m excited to join the [company name] team as soon as possible.

Regards, [Your name]

Thank You Email For Job Offer Example

Subject: Angela Broonie Appreciation Letter

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I highly appreciate the opportunity to become a part of DevPoolPro that you have provided to me. I would also like to thank you for your time and attention to my candidacy.

I’m truly happy to accept the Frontend Developer position. In order to clarify some issues regarding the difference in the time zones, please contact me at 640-321-5566 or so we could discuss the further steps.

I’m excited to join the DevPoolPro dev team as soon as possible.

Regards, Angela Broonie

Date: 25 January 2024
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