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25 Dream Jobs – The List from Your Childhood

25 Dream Jobs – The List from Your Childhood

Many adults now dream of the jobs they wished they had had when they were a child. Looking back a few decades, can you remember your dreams of what you wanted to be when you grew up? Almost every child knows what they want to be as an adult … until that time. In reality, not everyone will achieve working life balance by making their childhood dream a reality. Labour statistics show that 96% of adults are NOT working the job they dreamed of as a child. Only 4% have managed to get a childhood dream job. However, 64% still dream about starting a career track in their childhood dream job.

Childhood dream jobs can be quite varied. Children often dream of becoming doctors, pilots, actors and other professionals. In this article, we have collected common dream jobs that children dream about.

What do children want to become when they grow up: Top 25 kids’ dream jobs

When asked about kids’ favorite jobs to be when they grow up, the children enthusiastically shared a variety of creative and ambitious career aspirations. The most popular answers, of course, are: ‘a teacher,’ ‘a truck driver, and ‘astronaut. We have made a dream job list with the 25 most common dream jobs for children. You can explore not only the popular jobs but also see the average Salary and a short description of the main occupational duties.

  1. Veterinarian

    Annual Salary: $83056 to $80892.

    A veterinarian is a medical professional who treats animals. This professional uses their knowledge of animal physiology and anatomy to diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries. A veterinarian’s main duties include more than just diagnosing and treating. They also perform vaccinations, and surgical procedures, provide emergency medical care, carry out regular diagnostic examinations and help pet owners manage their pets’ diets.

  2. Teacher

    Annual Salary: $14500-52800.

    Teaching is a fairly common profession that requires special knowledge and skills to teach students of different ages. A teacher may teach only junior high school students or high school students. A teacher may also teach various subjects: mathematics, literature, chemistry, physics and others.

  3. Pilot

    Annual Salary: $7,700-16,400.

    A pilot is a professional who works in public and private airports, controlling aircraft: planes and helicopters. The pilot must pass many tests and pieces of training and have enough flight hours to operate the aircraft safely. The profession allows you to not only travel around the world but also to earn good money.

  4. Actor

    Annual Salary: $14800-51000.

    For many, the childhood dream job is to become an actor. Professionals are in the business of playing the part of a particular character in front of an audience. They perform various tasks: love acting, live performances in the theatre, shooting movies and TV series, and playing in soap operas, commercials and others.

  5. Police officer

    Annual Salary: $39000-88900.

    It is a hard work. A police officer is sworn to serve and protect most people. Specifically, job duties include apprehending and arresting criminals and protecting people and property. The officer’s main task is to solve any problem within the limits of the applicable law.

  6. Professional athlete

    Annual Salary: $21700-78400.

    For many kids, the dream job is to become a professional athlete. These individuals focus on competition, giving their all to the process of training and competing for medals. A professional athlete may specialize in various sports disciplines – athletics, weightlifting, and more.

  7. Dancer/Choreographer

    Annual Salary: $17000-104000.

    For many, a child’s dreaming is to become a professional dancer. This professional is concerned with telling stories and expressing emotions through body movements. To become a professional choreographer, you must go to a special school and get education.

  8. Doctor

    Annual Salary: $125400-344800.

    A Doctor is responsible for alleviating the pain and suffering of a sick person by providing treatment and care. The doctor is not one general field. The profession of a doctor involves many specialities, each of which defines the main duties and categories of patients. There are a variety of doctors: general practitioners, paediatricians, ophthalmologists, anaesthetists, surgeons and many more. It’s quite a high paying job, saving people’s lives.

  9. Lawyer

    Annual Salary: $54000-85300.

    A lawyer is a licensed professional who provides legal advice and assists with various legal matters. This professional is responsible for representing clients in court, filing applications, drafting petitions, gathering facts and evidence and dealing with other matters. To become a professional lawyer, you must have a bachelor’s degree.

  10. Musician

    Annual Salary: $18,800-92,300.

    A musician is a creative person who has a passion for music. A presented professional may have a variety of talents: singing, playing a particular instrument or writing music and songs. Some musicians specialize only in specific genres, while others have a more varied portfolio.

  11. Artist

    Annual Salary: $32300-167500.

    Fine arts enthusiasts may link their professional life to this field. Professionals can specialize in various fields: painting and creating sculptures. These professionals can either work for a company and receive a steady paycheck or create their brand. In addition, creative person can even become interior designer if they have a good understanding of interior decoration.

  12. Business owner

    Annual Salary: $5400-27000.

    For many, the dream job is to become a successful business owner. It is the best option for independents. The business owner can have a varied income, depending on the direction chosen.

  13. Writer

    Annual Salary: $37800-86800.

    A Writer is in the business of writing a variety of works: short stories, full-length novels, poetry collections, stories for children, finishing with screenplays, marketing emails and other materials. It’s quite a work independently, requiring a lot of assiduities.

  14. Fashion designer

    Annual Salary: $38400-87000.

    Fashion designers are creative people working in the fashion industry. They design clothes, often on behalf of a fashion brand, or they may take jobs with retail companies. This creative person must have experience in fashion: they must know how to use a sewing machine and have an excellent understanding of fabrics.

  15. Architect

    Annual Salary: $52700-147300.

    Most popular childhood jobs often include the dream of becoming an architect. This professional design plans and supervises construction projects from inception to completion. An architect may work on various buildings, bridges and other projects.

  16. Cook

    Annual Salary: $32100-82000.

    Professionals may take jobs in high-end restaurants and other catering establishments. Professional cooks are employed to prepare food in the kitchen. In addition, chefs may also take on the role of food tasters, developing menus for the restaurant, advising on food issues, ordering food and overseeing deliveries, ensuring the quality of the food service operation, helping to prepare the food, and overseeing cleaning. The chef also manages the kitchen staff in the establishment.

  17. Graphic Designer

    Annual Salary: $33800-89600.

    A graphic designer is a creative artist who works on various virtual projects. He can create advertising products and brand logos and develop product packaging, websites and applications. A designer is rewarded handsomely for his work.

  18. Journalist

    Annual Salary: $27200-79100.

    A journalist reports on various events, news, and incidents and develops specific topics. This specialist must be able to write, edit and proofread articles to convey information correctly to the public.

  19. Firefighter

    Annual Salary: $32900-78200.

    A firefighter is a specially trained person who extinguishes fires, investigates the causes, and creates special safety and fire prevention strategies. Often these workers have to work alongside paramedics to save lives.

  20. Marine biologist

    Annual Salary: $20900-78900.

    Being a marine biologist is a pretty exciting job. These professionals are in the business of researching organisms that live in the species. Often marine biologists have to travel all over the world. They may physically work in the marine environment of aquatic life or work alongside aquatic life in universities, museums, laboratories or aquaria.

  21. Race car driver

    Annual Salary: $14800-100000.

    The career of a car racing driver is the dream of many young boys. These professionals are involved in driving the car during the race, keeping an eye on the condition of the car, maintaining it, and working as one team with the rest of the crew.

  22. Astronaut

    Annual Salary: $100000.

    Many of us dreamed of becoming an astronaut as a child. For most, it is a top dream that only a handful of us can make a reality. An astronaut is a professional who works for the government. He has to manage and be part of the crew of a spaceship. The main duty at work is to fly into space, take part in space research and carry out experiments. Children attending the ‘dream jobs for kids’ workshops are thrilled to learn about becoming an ‘astronaut,’ imagining exciting space adventures and discovering the wonders of the cosmos.

  23. Truck driver

    Annual Salary: $6200-125500.

    For some children, their childhood dream job is to become a truck drivers. This job involves transporting heavy loads along the highways in a special vehicle, usually over long distances. The driver transports various loads, varying depending on the industry where they are employed. It is often part of their job description to help load and unload the truck. They are responsible for keeping the load safe and getting it to the right place at the right time.

  24. Model

    Annual Salary: $33500-200000.

    Models work in quite a challenging profession. Models have to monitor their physical fitness and train regularly. The work involves long hours of standing, walking and posing for photo shoots. To get into modelling agencies, you have to work on yourself constantly.

  25. Train driver

    Annual Salary: $48600-95600.

    A train driver is a railway worker responsible for driving a train. This professional can operate freight, passenger, and electric trains for various purposes and connections.


Children’s dreams do not always come true in adulthood. The same applies to dream jobs. On average, 6/10 people need to manage to build their careers in the area of their childhood dreams. The reasons for that may vary – they have realized that earning good money in a certain job is impossible, their life orientation has changed, and so on.

But some have built a dream careers. In any case, whichever direction you choose, you must take a balanced approach to the question. Of course, choosing your future profession at an early age is best so you can go to college straight after high school and start building a career. However, if the person haven’t followed their childhood dream, they don’t need to worry. Interests and hobbies may change over the years. Changing your career orientation can be the key to a long and happy life.

Date: 2 February 2024
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