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What jobs can you get at 12?

What jobs can you get at 12?


A 12-year-old is just on the brink of adolescence. But with computer skills at their fingertips and many stories of kids starting home-based projects, there are some definite advantages to starting off young. It can give them valuable skills and an opportunity to earn extra cash. It also makes them more responsible and creates a strong work ethic. In this article, we will look at jobs available for a 12-year-old.

The advantages of 12 -year-old jobs

There are many advantages of jobs for 12-year-old kids. Working kids learn about the real world and how to manage finances. They also develop a greater sense of self at a young age. They also make good money in their spare time.

What kind of jobs can 12-year-olds do?

12 year-olds can do a variety of jobs. Most of these jobs evolve from household chores that can be expanded to working for others. Some of these jobs include a little physical exertion, while others require organizational, planning, and mental skills. Some of the most popular jobs 12-year-olds can do include teaching and making videos using apps and an internet connection, delivering papers or taking care of pets, looking at survey websites, becoming a gardener or a cleaner, or doing creative jobs like drawing or making things.

Online Fun: Teaching and Making Videos

One of the easiest jobs for this technologically aware generation is to earn money by teaching and making videos. This is in high demand with lots of potential customers.


If you are good at breaking down difficult and complex subjects and topics into easily understandable material, you can even start classes of your own in person in your spare time. Get in touch with other students who have a hard time with math, chemistry, or whatever your subject of expertise is, and convert it into an opportunity to make extra pocket money. You can advertise on social media platforms that are popular in your area.

Making Videos

If you want to expand your reach beyond a traditional classroom, you will have to go online. You have to choose your area of expertise and create content. Then, look at whether you will teach these courses on your own or be one of a group of experts who can combine their skills and expertise on various topics to teach others. Your audience could be anyone interested in learning the skills you teach. This job could require video filming, recording, and presentation skills.

For instance, you can teach graphic designing or how to make apps, and a wide variety of people from all age groups and strata of society could be interested in it. Always create videos with clear instructions and go at a pace that makes the topic easily understandable to others. YouTube is one of the most popular video programs with a worldwide audience. Vimeo and TikTok are also quite widely used. This is a good way of making money online. There is also a possibility of connecting with clients worldwide. You could record and save your videos and ask your clients for a paid subscription to access the material online.

Jobs in Your Area: Delivering Papers or Taking Care of Pets

It is not necessary to venture far away from your home to earn money. You can earn extra cash by delivering newspapers or taking care of pets.

Delivering Newspapers

Another way that you can earn money as a twelve-year-old is by newspaper delivery in your area. It might require a small investment in a bicycle to do the route faster, but that is all you need. To get into this line of work, you have to look at the popular newspapers in your area or choose one in which you think people will be interested. Then contact their Circulation Department and ask if they have any routes that are not covered in your area. If they do, you can ask to be the delivery person. You might have to meet them for a small personal interview so that they can judge your suitability for the job. If selected, get your bicycle cleaned and serviced, and fit it with a basket to carry your papers. You must get up early every day regardless of the weather and deliver your newspapers before a certain time. Some newspaper publishers require you to deliver the papers in protective sheaths to ensure they don’t get spoiled by the weather. Others may require you to deposit the papers in reachable locations so that they can be easily accessed by people who are disabled or partially mobile.

Taking Care of Pets

Taking care of pets or being a pet sitter is also a way of earning income for a 12-year-old. You must love being around animals and understanding their needs and moods. It is a classic job for a young person to do in his spare time. Dog walking is a popular way of making money in your free time for those who do have the time to do this chore every day.

Writing Essays

If you have good writing skills, you can also write essays for your peers or offer to edit and correct them for grammatical errors. Essay writing is a skill that is very much in demand worldwide.

Jobs Helping the Planet: a gardener, pet sitter, cleaner, etc.

Becoming a Gardener

You could do various jobs that are environmentally friendly. If you have a green thumb, for example, you could ask someone to mow the lawns of houses in your neighborhood. Some people do not like yard work, so you could do everything from lawn to landscaping and covering bushes. It is one of the best jobs to let 12-year-olds make extra money while not far from home.

Washing Cars

Another way that you can earn using odd jobs is to be a car washer. Car owners often neglect to clean their cars in cold weather. Washing cars is pretty easy. All you need is a sponge, some detergent and water, and possibly a hose and brush as well. They can offer to clean both the interior and exterior of the cars.

Shoveling Snow

You can also make more money shoveling snow in winter. You have to be careful to cover yourself adequately and wear proper shoes so you don’t slip and fall. The job can be physically demanding, so think twice before making an offer to work.

Having a Garage Sale/ Being a Garage Sale Assistant

If you want to find jobs to make some easy money over the weekend, you can choose to have a garage sale of your own with the permission and cooperation of your parents. If you have good negotiation skills, you can even make money as a garage sale assistant. This means that you can also offer your services as a garage sales assistant to your neighbors.

Creative Jobs: drawing or making things

If your kid is creative, they can also earn substantial income by drawing or making things. It also helps them earn extra income and improves self-confidence.


Drawing need not be considered an underrated skill. Your artistic kid can create drawings and sketches for local events, or if they are good enough, this can also be marketed to local firms interested in hiring these skills. Depending on the talent level, your kid could start his or her own painting business.

Kids can also offer to paint gates, fences, or areas within the home that need a fresh coat.

Selling Crafts

As a 12-year-old, you could earn money creating and selling crafts like jewelry, hats, gloves, and decorative items, including anything else they want. There are a lot of online platforms, and one can start their own retail store. You can ask a family member to set up this business if it is too difficult. They can be a good holiday decorator or make gifts people like.

Money Lessons: Learning About Money

Getting a part-time job in the summer is a good way of earning money. It offers many benefits. It can be a fantastic opportunity to teach kids responsibility. It teaches them the value of money and shows them how hard it is to earn it. They appreciate it more and are less likely to spend it freely.

Valuable Skills for 12-Year-Old Jobs

Working at a job can teach some valuable skills to 12-year-olds. It teaches them to find clients and earn income.

Doing a Job the Right Way

They learn the value of doing a job right and pay attention to getting it right if they are reprimanded for doing it wrong. They can learn from the frustration of both employees and customers. Even if they lose their job, they are bound to be more careful next time.

Helping Them Appreciate Skills Learned at Home

The work environment is full of employees who have never learned basic skills. When your kids see this, they will be grateful to you for teaching them basic skills that can be taught at home. This can be as basic as cleaning, organizing, and planning.

Helps Them Decide the Work They Would Like to do

Another benefit of a job at a young age is that it can help kids decide what career path they would like to choose. If, for example, by setting up a lemonade stand during the summer time, your kid realizes that sales is not for him but likes preparing the lemonade, while his friend loves the task of selling, then one is likely to become a chef and the other a salesperson. Summer jobs or weekend jobs can also provide a wealth of experience.

Helps Develop Soft Skills

Another benefit for 12-year-olds getting into jobs is that it helps develop soft skills such as navigating conflict, learning how to communicate effectively with others, and managing customer complaints and demands. Some young people may be cowed down by the experience; others are amazed that they are treated like adults and expected to be more responsible.

What are the child labor laws regarding 12-year-old jobs?

The child labor laws regarding jobs for 12-year-olds are governed at the Federal Level by the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. Generally speaking, the work should not interfere with their schooling. However, children can be employed in a family business or agricultural business. They are not allowed to work nights between 9 pm and 6 am in the morning. They can work in their family business generally in the presence of their family members. But they should not be exposed to hazardous conditions. For instance, working in a meat packing plant would be considered hazardous because of the dangerous equipment like meat cutters there. Likewise, they are not allowed to work at roofing jobs. The same applies to window-washing jobs. Jobs that require workers to work on a scaffold are also prohibited. Kids who are 12 years of age are similarly not allowed to work in jobs that involve operating motor vehicles or wrecking them. The same is the case for manufacturing jobs.

Working hours of jobs for 12-year-olds

12-year-olds are allowed to work at their family business for an unlimited number of hours where the parents are the sole owners of the business. However, it should not interfere with or prevent them from schooling. Farms that require less than 500 hours of work are also allowed to employ children 12 years old as they are not subject to minimum wage rules. 12-year-old children are also allowed to work for other businesses as long as they do it casually and not as members of a regular job service. For example, 12-year-olds are allowed to work at a babysitting service. They are also allowed to work as singers, dancers, or actors in theater, film, and television productions.
The overarching rule is that federal regulations would take precedence over state laws and that law would be upheld, giving the most protection to these young workers.

Date: 2 February 2024
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