Electrical Systems Engineer

Electrical Systems Engineer Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Electrical Systems Engineer to join our team.


  • Design with a focus on scalability, manufacturability, and functional safety;
  • Design and support the electrical and embedded compute system development of Embark‚Äôs self driving trucks;
  • Work cross-functionally to ensure functional requirements and hardware designs meet the needs of all the teams within the organization;
  • Establish QA methodologies and processes for embedded hardware designs;
  • Keep up to date on automotive and HPC market trends;
  • Own the design and validation of automotive PCB and interconnect systems from the component selection through vehicle integration;
  • Perform make vs. buy analysis for electrical subsystems and work with vendors to implement buy components where practical.


  • Experience in design, development, and testing of DAL level C/Dproducts using DO254 and DO160 standard (or equivalent military specification);
  • Experience in preparing design and test documentation and status reports;
  • Manage an Engineering Project, controlling cost, schedule, and technical risk;
  • Conceptualize, analyze, design, and oversee semi-complex systems level architecture design;
  • Develop Electrical Schematics;
  • Design and Build a computer board from Hardware to Circuits;
  • Assist with verification and validation tasks;
  • Other related duties as assigned by supervisor;
  • Create functional allocations of electrical systems and sub-systems within a vehicle architecture;
  • Advanced knowledge of applicable DOE Orders and Federal Standards;
  • Create & maintain device, communication and voltage topologies and requirements;
  • Advanced knowledge of design, construction, and operation of laboratory facilities, and engineering principles and practices;
  • Develop electrical system architecture;
  • Collaborate with peripheral System Engineer(s) to define connector terminals and seals, regarding gauge size, plating requirements, etc;
  • Identify, gather and submit Individual and Full Load Survey Requirements.