Teradata Developer

Teradata Developer Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Teradata Developer to join our team.


  • Passion for finding bottlenecks and thresholds in existing code through the use of automation tools;
  • Can identify code defects and work with other developers to address quality issues in product code;
  • Understands when to automate and when not to;
  • Passion for continuing education and improving code quality;
  • Drive automation pyramid and integrate with CI/CD tools for continuous validation;
  • Drive the mentality of quality being owned by the entire team;
  • Drive mentality of building well architected applications for Cloud.


  • Loading and Unloading large data sets using Apache toolkit;
  • Hands-on JAVA programming and Scripting skills are required;
  • Generation of stored procedures, triggers , constraints, cursors;
  • Teradata developers who can code against Teradata API’s , CLI or CLI2, amongst other API’s;
  • These developers need to know the underlying API’s and/or at a minimum the Command Line Interface (CLI).