Pipe fitters install industrial pipework, valves and pumps in factories, commercial premises and large buildings like power stations.

Pipefitter Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Pipefitter to join our team.


  • Threading and ending pipe by hand or with pipe bending machine;
  • Planning sequence of installation to avoid obstructions and cutting pipe;
  • Assembling and joining piping by means of threaded, chalked, wiped, soldered, brazed fused, or cemented joints;
  • Any welding experience is a plus;
  • Experience brazing and sweating copper is must;
  • Install and run copper, PVC, CPVC and cast-iron pipes;
  • Complying with relevant codes and regulatory standards;
  • Clearing pipe systems of obstructions and testing their functionality;
  • Other duties as assigned;
  • Planning pipe system layout, installation or repair according to specifications;
  • Securing pipes to walls and fixtures with brackets, clamps, and welding equipment;
  • Using a variety of tools to modify pipes to specifications;
  • Inspecting the workplace, clearing obstructions and preparing materials and equipment;
  • Ordering required materials such as pipes, hangars, brackets, hydraulic cylinders, etc;
  • Studying blueprints and planning pipe systems and related equipment installations.


  • Drug free at all times;
  • High standard of integrity and professionalism;
  • Able to read and interpret ship piping drawings;
  • Ability to read a ruler using inches and tenths;
  • Ability to fit welded sockets;
  • Proven experience as a Pipe Fitter;
  • Carefully check all job site deliveries for accuracy and/or damage;
  • Oral and written communication skills;
  • Ability to run all related job site equipment including excavating equipment;
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and dependable transportation;
  • Able to read and interpret job contract and specifications with little supervision;
  • Meet state licensure requirements;
  • All candidates will be subject to pre-employment drug screen and background check;
  • Your safety is a big priority so this assignment will require steel toe shoes or boots;
  • Strong communication skills, organizational skills and an ability to work independently.