School Based Therapist

School Based Therapist Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a School Based Therapist to join our team.


  • Classroom observations of students;
  • Complete clinical documentation;
  • Individual therapy with students;
  • May perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned;
  • Weekly communication with parents and/or guardians;
  • Complete required written reports such as: progress notes and summaries;
  • Employees are expected to comply with all conditions and requirements of the Employee Handbook and any amendments there to shall remain in effect;
  • Consult with school personnel on strategies for working with students including behavioral and resiliency based interventions;
  • Collaboration with community agencies to develop cooperative and positive relationships;
  • Additional activities within the areas of expertise of staff and as requested by District;
  • Therapeutic Groups sessions with students experiencing behavior or therapeutic issues;
  • Complete intake/screening/assessment process within appropriate time frames as designated by state regulatory/HRSA/agency standards;
  • Complete all correspondence in a timely fashion;
  • Participate in clinical staffing/treatment meetings providing feedback on all pertinent cases;
  • Adhere to weekly patient schedules and productivity model.


  • Specialized learning in early intervention for younger children when services are requested;
  • Specialized learning in behavior interventions;
  • Specialized learning in Resiliency & Trauma.