Director, Product Operations

Director, Product Operations Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Director, Product Operations to join our team.


  • Oversee and manage the entire production team;
  • Collaborate with project supervisors to assess and determine resource allocations, needs and priorities;
  • Initiate effective and healthy collaboration across all departments;
  • Work closely with the creative teams, ensuring the best possible production process with all parties;
  • Proactively manage timelines and deadlines through project management tool;
  • Ensure that projects are scheduled accurately and are kept on track;
  • Aid in the initial assessment, viability and forecasting of potential projects;
  • Connect with Finance on financial reporting, methodologies, goals and strategies on a regular basis;
  • Support and elevate the creative goals for the production by making appropriate production, financial and logistical recommendations;
  • Work with Producers, Supervisors and Directors to identify budgetary consequences and tradeoffs to aid with prioritizing and decision-making;
  • Continuously optimize production processes through in-depth analysis and elevate workflow;
  • Identify ways to increase productivity and quality;
  • Advise on all levels of resource allocation for projects with Producers, Supervisors, Heads of Department and HR;
  • Support and aid the post-mortem, performance review and reporting processes.


  • Ability to remain flexible and calm in high-pressure situations and adjust as multiple moving parts consistently change;
  • Clear and effective communication skills both in person and on paper;
  • A passion for creative problem-solving and strategic thinking;
  • Experience in managing a team and collaborating with other departments;
  • Strong leadership and cross-functional working skills. Must work well within teams and be able to lead effectively;
  • A confident, professional, and persuasive communication style with senior leaders and team members;
  • Expert knowledge of workflows, pipelines and project management from concept to final delivery;
  • Warm demeanor and ability to get along well with a variety of personalities and individuals;
  • 10+ years’ experience managing video and event production projects required;
  • Excellent organizational, communication and management skills;
  • Previous experience as Head of Production at an advertising agency or digital media company required;
  • Possess an aggressive track record of successfully delivering video programming on budget;
  • Ability to read and understand complex technical documents and disseminate information to non-technical team members.