Scheduling Analyst

Scheduling Analyst Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Scheduling Analyst to join our team.


  • Ensure the proper implementation of EVMS through the use of standardized processes, tools, and reports;
  • Support on-going compliance reviews and/or periodic process audits (e.g. DCAA, DCMA and Joint Surveillance Review process);
  • Create and maintain the program Integrated Master Plan (IMP) and the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS);
  • Assist, as needed, the Program Earned Value Analyst with regularly scheduled and unscheduled tasks;
  • Conduct thorough critical path and driving path analysis of the IMS;
  • Interact with Control Account Managers (CAMs)/Integrated Product Team (IPT) leads to develop intermediate schedules and incorporate them into the IMS;
  • Incorporate regular status and ETC updates in the IMS based on inputs from CAMs;
  • Support Program Reviews;
  • May also include professional employees required to perform activities across several disciplines at smaller sites;
  • Provide regular performance and ETC reports to program EV Analysts.


  • Strong familiarity with MS Office Products such as Excel, Access, and Powerpoint;
  • Strong understanding of Earned Value Management and the 32 Criteria of the ANSI standard;
  • Strong knowledge of the IPMR, especially as it applies to scheduling;
  • A thorough understanding of baseline controls and baseline changes;
  • Strong experience working with business analytics, finance, and/or forecasting;
  • Experience with resource-loaded schedules, particularly to provide ETC and Earned Value to programs.